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  1. Looking for VE Piston and Liner
  2. European trackers for sale
  3. USA F1C Engine  run timing proposal

Looking for VE Piston and Liner
From:Jeff Ellington
Hello Roger,

I am looking for AAC piston and liners for VE. If anyone can help, please contact me by messenger or by email,
Thank you
Jeff Ellington

European trackers for sale
From:John Clapp

Recently I came across a pair of new Pim Ruyter trackers.  ( size 1/2” x ¼”x 11/16”)
Rectangular in shape, each is 151.160 MHz .  $125.00 for the pair at L H ..

One round tubular tracker(New) for sale 152.060mhz(size 03/8” x 7/8” high)

John Clapp

USA F1C Engine Run Timing  proposal
From : Ed Carroll
HI Roger,

Please post the proposed F1C engine run proposal to be considered by the CIAM.  I ask for comment on the proposal and that each person providing comment identify whether or not they are currently participating in their country’s team selection process and/or are still an active F1C flyer.
Eddie Carroll Active F1C flyer and 2017 World Championships Team member

Shown below is the USA proposal that shows the new parts underlined and old parts with a strike through


Date:  24 October 2018     
Proposal submitted by: U.S.A.

Sporting Code Volume:  F1 FREE FLIGHT MODEL AIRCRAFT  
Heading of section:  SECTION 4 AEROMODELLING       
Number & heading of the paragraph:
3.3.2. Characteristics of Model Aircraft with Piston Motor(s) F1C
3.3.9. Timing
Page number if appropriate:

Text Box: This proposal is a rule change

  (show deletions as strike-through and additions as bold underlined):

3.3.2. Characteristics of Model Aircraft with Piston Motor(s) F1C
F1C must use an electronic timer(s) to control the functions of the model upon release for flight.

3.3.9. Timing
c) The motor run must be timed by two timekeepers with quartz controlled electronic stopwatches with digital readout, recording to at least 1/100 of a second. The motor run is determined as the average of the two registered times, and this average is reduced to the nearest 1/10th of a second below.

c) The motor run will be certified by demonstration of the timer setting to the timekeeper(s).

Type the reasons in the space below:

Since the rule change to require F1C models to have a radio control dethermalizer system was implemented, and with the new rule (effective 1/1/2020) requiring a remote engine shutoff, most F1C sportsmen are utilizing electronic timers. Thus they have the ability to set a precise duration for the engine run which does not vary. However, since the engine run is currently evaluated by the sound of the engine stopping, and given the time the sound takes to reach the timekeeper(s) from the model, sportsmen must set the timer to approximately 3.4 seconds. But by demonstrating the setting on their electronic timers to the timekeeper(s), it is possible to utilize the full 4 second engine run allowed. It also removes the burden on the timekeepers of timing engine runs (especially important when dealing with inexperienced timekeepers and multiple engines running at the same time).

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