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  1. For Sale – Thermal Detection System
  2. Australian 2019 FF World Championships team
  3. 2019 FAI Sporting Code
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For Sale – Thermal Detection System

From: Roy Summersby

WTR – 3   Thermal Detection System   $500
Paper Chart Recorder for the determination of rising air streams.
These machines I believe were built and used very successfully
by F1C flyer Leonid Fuzeev in Russia.
Comes complete with instructions and is in aluminium case.
You would need a pole for the wind meter.
I can send photos and can deliver to Lost Hills in February.

Roy Summersby


Australian 2019 FF World Championships team

From:Paul Rossiter

Hello Roger,

Members of the Australian team for the 2019 Free Flight World Championships


Phil Mitchell
Malcolm Campbell
Albert Fathers


Richard Blackam
Craig Hemsworth
Gary Goodwin


Roy Summersby
Shayne McDonald
Gary Pope

Team Manager:
Vin Morgan

Assistant Team manager:
Mike Pettigrew

Best Regards and Seasons Greetings to all,

Paul  Rossiter.

2019 FAI Sporting Code

From: Peter Brocks

Roger, for SEN, thanks,  Peter

The 2019 FAI Sporting Code for Free Flight Model Aircraft is available at

Fab Feb Info

There was a slight Google Glitch that caused us to take the online entry form off line.  This is now Un-glitched  so if you saw the message you can now enter.  And if you entered during that time and did not get an email conformation you will do so “real soon now”.