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  1. British team for 2019 World Champs
  2. Fab Feb Update
  3. SEN Update

British team for 2019 World Champs
From:John Cuthbert
Morning Roger,

Here is the Great Britain team for the 2019 Free
Flight World Championships.

F1A.           John Williams,   Richard Jack,   John Cooper.

F1B.           Mike Woolner,   Pawel Pietrzak,   Phil Ball.

F1C,           Alan Jack,    Mick Lester,    Ken Faux.

Team Manager,    John Cuthbert.

Ass. Team Manager,    Bill Colledge.

Wishing you and all the American Free Flight fraternity a Happy and
Prosperous New Year,

John Cuthbert.

Editor’s Comment.  Thanks for the information and good wishes.  Actually about half of our readership is outside of North America, so your best wishes go world wide.

Fab Feb Update
As of today we have 66 entries for the Fab Feb FAI events. China leads the list of the most outside of the USA with 13 people. Second is Great Britain with 4  Tied in third place are France, Israel and  Japan with 4.

Get your entry in  here

SEN Update
Recently our web hosting company did a major upgrade to their servers and this has improved the server response.  As part of this there was a change in the way that mail to SEN is received. We had, it appears not been using the best way and we have switched over to the “approved” way. This does not affect the way that you send information using the mail address but it is possible that we might have missed a mail. So if send us something in the last week or so have not heard from us you might like to send it again.