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The Big Picture
From: Ross Jahnke
I didn’t fly in the recent team selection contests but I participated as
Don Chesson’s helper and as a timer. Yes the team selection process has
flaws, but no process, tested or hypothetical, won’t. Everyone flying
seemed to be well practiced, with good models, good motors, and good
support equipment and people. *There were no amateurs on the field.* What
caused people to drop a round or do poorly in a fly off were very small
mistakes in air picking, launching, winding/engine starting, or
septuagenarian fatigue. I don’t think we need a new format for team

I do think we need more people trying to make the team. Ideas to improve
this more immanent problem should be the focus of further discussion.

L’Equipe de France
Hi all,
Today, the French aeromodelling federation’s steering commitee have validated the 2019 free flight French teams :

*Vol libre d’extérieur (Championnat du Monde) *

_Équipe senior _

Chef d’équipe : Jean-Luc Drapeau

– Bertrand Pouzet,

– Bernard Trachez,

– Emmanuel Ragot,

Remplaçant : Boris Bernard


– Mickaël Rigault,

– Jean-Luc Bodin,

– Didier Barberis,

Remplaçant : Bernard Marquois


– François Ducassou,

– Miguel Dupont,

– Gauthier Brière

*F1E (Championnat du Monde)*

Chef d’équipe : André Trachez

_Équipe senior_

– Jean-Luc Drapeau,

– Alain Roux,

– Pierre Chaussebourg,

Remplaçante : Clarisse Trachez

_Équipe junior_

– Nathan Laura,
– Théo Laura,
– Omar Al Saloum

Best regards,

Editor’s comment
We have asked people to tell us who is on their team for the up coming World Champs.  We will put this on our web site.  The office web site for the 2019 World Champs will be provided and managed by the AMA and will appear in due course
So thanks to the French team for providing their information.

Dino Observes
From:Michael Achterberg

Hello.If I’m not mistaken, believe the Euro Champs and World Champs have opted for 7 round contest. At Lost Hills in October from 8:am till midnight they are all thermal rounds…Take note of first day 8 min F1A flyoff. All made it easily in nice thermal. It will happen at WC next October. Point to this is  using 5 rounds in Finals for a non thermal condition is unattainable!!

Want to change something? I vote to pick a winner on second day! This is a important needed change in my opinion.


How was the seven on day2  ?
From:Gene Ulm

Dear Mr Sen

What am I missing regarding Aram’s discounting the depleting effect of thermal rounds on the number of competitors?  It seems they have the same effect later in the day as they have at the start of the day.

Using the numbers supplied and a little back of the envelope math, the average across all classes and all days:

An average of 9.5% of the flyers drop each round the first five rounds.

An average of 9% of the flyers drop each round over seven rounds.

An average of 8% of the flyers drop per round in rounds six and seven.

Seems like the sixth and seventh rounds are having almost exactly the same effect as rounds one through five?   Given the limited number of flyers adding a couple more rounds may eliminate the need for a flyoff?

I think what is more interesting is the overall quality of flying on the second day was significantly better than the first.

Are flyers learning the conditions and field just as batters learn pitchers when pitchers hit the 90 or so pitch mark?  Or are they more competitive because there is no tomorrow?  Was the weather better?

Day 2 flyers were 19% more likely overall to remain clean over five rounds than day 1 flyers.    From a basis point of view just short of half again as many people (45%) remained clean over five rounds on day two than day one.

And almost 16% were more likely overall to remain clean over seven rounds on day two over day one.    Similarly, half again as many people (54%) were likely to remain clean over seven rounds on day two as day one.

Moral(s) of story: more rounds does its job to deplete ranks of perfect scores on near equal measure.  Seven is better than five.

Your best shot at making the team is a 1st place (duh) or top three score on day one.  It gets A LOT tougher on day two.   Even tho the best flyer in each class has been eliminated.

Gene Ulm

The Editor’s Observations for Gene

1. The weather on both days of the finals was very good.
2. This was Classic Lost Hills in October – Calm,  very difficult thermal picking. Reminds me of the 1993 World champs, only with less grass on the ground. Broomstick thermals
3. On day 2 it was calmer in the evening
4. I think by day 2 people most people figured the above and took more care.
5. Very good chance the World Champs will be just like this.

Looking for a F1C model
From: Alberto Dona

Hello Roger:

Have a friend in Argentina looking for a F1C model either new or in good condition.
If anyone on the list wants to offer me something, I can be contacted either through here
OR privately at:

My cel. 1-949-310-3631       OK for TXT messages and/or  Whatsapp


Alberto Dona

Fab Feb Flash
Fri 8 FAI Events main pay up after online sign up
Sat 11 Kiwi ABCPQ
Mon 13 Kiwi E
Wed 15 North American ABCPQ
Thur 16 Cal Cup E
Fri and sat 17 and 18 Maxmen ABCPQ
Mon 20 reserve day

subject to official confirmation ( AMA, CIAM, MACA, MFNZ , etc)