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From:ron kreetz
And the worst is that WC-points are given in a different way. For the Eifel
Pokal it was done by dividing the total points from the fly-off contestants
(which is i.m.o the right way), for other contest e.g. Norwegian Cup they
give the regular points based on ranking after DT FO…..
This is not the way to score WC-points. Furthermore it has to be done by
the CIAM-jury in an undiscussable way according to the regulations. Ian ?
Ron Kreetz

Sierra Flash
Rene Limburger – USA
Jes Nyhgen- DEN
Enes Pecenkovic – BIH

Alex Andrikov – USA
Oleg Kulakovsky – UKR
Mykoca Kovacenko – UKR

Yuan Gao – CHN
Roy Summersby – AUS
Mike Roberts – USA

Bob Sifleet – USA
Jack Murphy – USA
Tom Ioeger – USA

Full Sierra Cup results will appear in a later SEN.. The start of the Sierra Cup was delayed by a day because of a passing weather front and the organizer is heavily involved in running the USA Team Selection so he is short of time.

Lost Hills Update
Much road construction in the center of town and the connection to the I- 5. Significant upgrade, dare we say just for the 2019 World Champs … !

And for the Stabuckista there is a nice new one in Wasco, close to the Best Western Hotel. Another lodging choice for FF Central, or whatever you call the Bissonette-Mirage FF field at Lost Hills

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Roger Morrell