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  1. How to – Drilling back-pin holes
  2. For Sale – Honda Generator
  3. Wanted – G24 Super Tigre 60

How to – Drilling back-pin holes
From: Aram Schlosberg
Some setups like Vivchar have back-pins projecting from the wing wiggler. The rest have the back-pins placed in the wing, projecting into a wing wiggler or into the model’s pylon.
The thickness of B wings where the back-pin is located can be very thin, say 2.1 mm. Accurate drilling can be challenging.
But this is easy using two setups. (1) A press drill is clamped to a worktable (X the length, Y the width, Z is the vertical) with the drill head projecting slightly over the table’s edge. The bottom of the half wing’s main panel is placed against the press drill’s base. Wings with a flat center are set at 90 degrees to the Y-Z plane using a carpenters’ straight 90 edge with s balancing bubble (or a substitute). The same applies to setting the wing perpendicular in the X-Z plane. The location of the half wing’s tip is marked clearly on the floor or a floor mat.
(2) To assure the accrue placement of the hole one makes an hourglass template form metal, say 0.5 mm brass, and drills a hole with a diameter of say 80% of the back-pin’s diameter at its center. The midpoint of the hourglass is filed to width of say 2.1 mm, to center the hole. The template is then taped to the wing at the right distance from the wing’s main rod.
(3) The panel is now placed against the drill’s base with the tip at the designated spot. The back-pin hole is drilled with the thinner drill. The hole is widened with the appropriate drill after the template was removed, while the wingtip is still placed against the floor marking.
(4) The drilling can be done with with the center panel alone. I
Errors can be plugged with J-B Kwick or another fast setting epoxy. ///

For Sale – Honda Generator
From:Merry Smith

Norm Smith’s brother has a never been used Honda 2000i generator for sale. It is a couple years old and he is asking $850 cash. He bought the generator for the travel trailer that he also didn’t get to use.

If you are interested, we can bring it to Lost Hills in October.  Call 209-274-2841 or email nemlsmith@sbcglobal.n

Wanted – G24 Super Tigre 60
From:George Voss
I’m looking for a G24 Super Tigre 60 plain bearing RR motor for C NOS.  If you have one hiding in the shop please let me know.  The other option is I have a very nicely built Ramrod 1000 for sale. 🙂

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