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  1. R.I.P. Reinhard Truppe
  2. Recall notice- Hummingbird Model Products Pitch Gauge

R.I.P. Reinhard Truppe

Verena Truppe reports on FB the passing of her father Reinhard Truppe. Reinhard was a top level F1C sportsman for a very long time. He represented Austria in World and Continental Championships many times. He flew in contests all around the world and was a regular at our Fab Feb events. Reinhard had a colorful style that will be missed on the flying fields. We extend our sympathy to his family and friends.

Recall notice- Hummingbird Model Products Pitch Gauge
From:Bernard Guest

Dear Hummingbird Model Products Pitch Gauge customers,

A flaw exists in the angle gauge for the Pitch Gauge. It seems that it is 2.5 degrees off, meaning your pitch set to 30 deg. is actually at 32.5 deg. I will send all pitch gauge customers a new angle gauge to replace the defective unit.
If you are a pitch gauge customer please send a note with your address and “pitch gauge recall” in the subject line to
While you wait you can simply set your pitch at 2.5 deg. lower value to obtain your desired pitch.
My apologies for any inconvenience and altitude losses (or gains).