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  2. Report of Black Cup Contest at Lost Hills
  3. About the Launch Height Reduction Suggestions
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  5. Weak Links Again
  6. Free Flight Quarterly #68 has appeared
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October at Lost Hills
We have got some questions about the October FAI schedule at Lost Hills. It appears that a number of potential 2019 World Champs participants have realized that the weather on October at Lost Hills is not the same as February and want to get some advance training. The Sierra and Kotuku World Cup events  followed by the USA FAI Team selection will be held at Lost Hills this October starting on 5 October going to the 14 October.  The schedule with event information is on the Lost Hills website –

Report of Black Cup Contest at Lost Hills

July 7, 2018

Edward J. Carroll, Jr.

We started the contest at 7:00 am sharp, with a slight southerly breeze and balmy temperature.
Five people entered, four flew and the scores are listed below.  We were finished by 11:00 am and we adjourned to Gabby’s for lunch.

Name                Event    Time

Schlomi Rosenzweig        F1A    1260 seconds
Bob Tymchek            F1B    1259 seconds
Larry Norvall            F1B    1249 seconds
Jim Parker            F1A    1158 seconds
Roger Morrell            F1B    did not fly
(Roger was busy testing new stuff and listening to his latest on board electronics talk back at him)

 About the Launch Height Reduction Suggestions

From:Martin Dilly

Re the Launch Height Reduction Suggestions

I probably didn’t make it clear, but we need to reduce the launch height for the rounds, not just for the fly-offs. Sure, what I suggest would probably need some re-trimming/programming, but only once. You wouldn’t have a different set of launch parameters for the rounds and the fly-offs.
For F1As, Bernard has made my point for me. ” A breakable line segment on F1A would require a completely different launch technique …. most top F1A flyers rely on a strong line pull…” Exactly. With the weaker line pull limited by a weak link we’ve straightaway reduced the launch height and increased the chances of the model landing on the site it was launched from. From memory (not always 100%…) in the days of circle tow, before bunt launches became /de rigeur/, we unlatched at about 5 kg or so.


How about this?

From:Pierre Chaussebourg

About fly off in w/cup contests : when it is not possible to have a 10 minutes fly-off on the monday morning, for sundays contests why not give the possibilty to competitors to have their first flight timed to the ground or to ten minutes.

Only 4 minutes (or less….) would be counted as the score for thé first round.
Then, for those who come to the end of the 7th round with a full score, the full time of the first flight would be counted as a flyoff Time
We save time and have a sporting solution in case of impossibility to have a fly off.
Nothing against the rules and a fair solution !

Editor’s Comment – this approach is used the  the USA for some of the FAI Mini Event contests when the Big Events are on Saturday and the Minis on Sunday.

Weak Links Again

From: Martin Dilly

In response to John Carter’s point about gusts breaking a weak link, that’s no more likely than it was when one’s entire towline was the same breaking strain as the weak link, as it was in the day’s before bunting.


Free Flight Quarterly #68 has appeared



Could you please insert in your next SEN  this short note:

“Free Flight Quarterly #68 has appeared . Some articles could be of special interest to FAI flyers, including a study of DT descent speeds and the relation between tip-up angle and fall velocity.

The theoretical model seems reasonably well supported by measured cases in several FF categories.

The article summary , table of contents and  cover can be seen in our website:

Sergio Montes

Your Signature

While we are a relatively small community of flyers, not every one knows everyone else and their experience. To help the discussion maybe we should add a line to our signature like… when submitting an article for SEN, that starts with your level of participation in Free Flight events

Roger Morrell
Active F1B flyer, World Cup CD, Electronic Timers and SEN Editor