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  1. Observation from the sideline
  2. F1C Timing
  3. The ‘18 Nats are also a World Cup event!

Observation from the sideline
From:Terry Thorkildsen
Seems like if they are going to now check engine runs on the ground they need to cut them down by 0.5 seconds to account for the allowable time they are now doing by the acoustical method to account for the altitude. Otherwise they are actually adding to the engine run compared to what it is now.

Just my opinion,

Terry Thorkildsen

F1C Timing
From:Michael Achterberg

F1c timing.  If I’m not mistaken the new F1c rules require an Etimer to be legal. If that is true, then the proposal for just checking the setting on Etimer programmer makes life much easier for the flyers, timers, and organizers. I vote yes to this proposal. What’s not to like? Oh yes, forgot about the rampant cheating us F1C flyers do. Didn’t realize that till some glider flyers pointed this out to me when I suggested this idea over a year ago. Simple fix! Ban them from the event for a year, or forever! F1c Flyers choose..   Next, timing model flight with altimeter and GPS, and we are in the 21st century..
Wow, no more dinos allowed..
Dino Michael

Comment – Mike I think you can have a RDT with a mechanical timer. This is what’s in the Sporting Code.


1. Radio Control in F1C
Approved by Plenary meeting 2017 for application from 01/01/2020. Amend the final paragraph of 3.3.2 as follows : F1C models must be fitted with functional radio control only for irreversible actions to control dethermalisation of the model. This may must include stopping the motor if it is still running. Any malfunction or unintended operation of these functions is entirely at the risk of the competitor

The ‘18 USA Nats are also a World Cup event!
From : Aram Schlosberg

The ‘18 Nats are also a World Cup event!

The Nats this year double as a World Cup. A will be flown on Monday July 23rd, C and Q on Tuesday and B on Wednesday.

For scores to count in the World Cup you will need to show me a current FAI sporting license. (Participation in Q helps it become a World Championship event.) Otherwise, your scores will obviously count for the Nats and the America Cup.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Nats in a few weeks.

Aram Schlosberg