National Free Flight Society

SEN 2453

  1. *C, Q and traveling-by-air*
  2. So Cal Reminder

C, Q and traveling-by-air
From:Ross Jahnke

*C, Q and traveling-by-air*
I think the F1C and F1P guys have the fuel supply issue worked out, but
Aram makes a good point about the electric events. At the very first E-20
event at the US Nats in 2014, the CD had a charger set up if we needed it,
but I don’t think that was offered in subsequent years.

If F1Q is to be elevated to the same level as A,B,C, then this should be
addressed by some guidelines for contest organizers.


So Cal Black Cup  Reminder

From: Jim Parker

SCAT Black Cup #1 at Perris this Sat, Jun 16, 7 am to 11am. Rules in previous SEN  … in case you forgot.

June 16, Perris, CA. CD: Jim Parker, 818.404.3834

Free Flight FAI  Combo Fun Fly- Record Trials .
7 flights, Standard regular round max times. 2 min max prorated to 3 min.
NEW: Tie breaker- most entertaining flight as judged by  the CD
$5 entry for as many events as you want to fly.
7am to Noon.
Sunday is a reserve day at discretion of the CD.
Self timing allowed.
Valid for  USA Team Selection Program flight time but no self timing.

Single perpetual “Black Cup” awarded.

Perris GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 33.78000, -117.20000
Lost Hills: GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 35.6648, -119.7981

150 F1A-A2 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
151 F1B Wakefield – Event Classes: (JSO)
152 F1C Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
153 F1G Coupe d’Hiver – Event Classes: (JSO)
154 F1H-A1 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
155 F1J 1/2 A Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
158 F1P Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
159 F1Q Electric Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
166 F1S Electric – Event Classes: (JSO)