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Sporting Code Wisdom

Answer to John Cuthbert and Leslie Farkas about DT fly-off etc…

John says that the Sporting code does not have the rules… This is not true!

The Sporting code has very accurate rules for organising Fly-off and CDs MUST stick to these rules and all deviation is wrong!

I understand that in some circumstances, it is not possible to organise fly-off : weather, night coming, no possibility to have the competitors (and timekeepers!)available the next morning… etc…

In these circumstances we have very accurate rules: winners must share the points!

I understand that the organiser wants to GIVE the winner trophy to smomebody who is A winner, or THE winner !

Then, you have several options: announce all the people who tie for first place, and say that you give the trophy to the only one lady qualified in this fly-off, or to the youngest, or oldest qualified flyer, or to the one who is coming from the farest point or what ever!

Any idea will be the best for giving the trophy!
But never try to have a DT Fly-off which is an absolutely stupid idea, as well as using a coin or what else other fancy idea! for having a sporting classification to attribute the world cup points!

We, in the CIAM FF S/C, have asked to World cup oganisers to fill a special report form for each contest, and that form must be sent together with the results, to the World cup coordinator: Ian Kaynes! If a fly-off is not run according to the rules, the coordinator has the duty to modify the results, and share the world cup points between the people qualified for the last fly-off round which has been run according to the sporting code! If this is not done, then, We (any of the World cup participants!) Has the right and the duty to put on a protest to the World Cup Jury! (This is to answer to Frederic Aberlenc in a previous issue)

If something is not possible according to the rules, we must just admit that and hope that next year the conditions will be better!

But, PLEASE, as our dear CIAM President for so many years was saying: “READ THE BOOK AND STICK TO THE RULES!”

For the best of our Sport!

Pierre Chaussebourg

Another perspective ?

From: Jim Lueken

Ok…I haven’t flown FAI FF for a bit…but…DT fly offs…there’s an event for that, it’s called model rockets. Go up real fast….come down with a parachute…not much of an aero plane event as I see it!

Really, Jim

2442 who Gnu ?
From: Mike Fantham

“Palindromic SEN

Well this one is a Palindrome so is it special?”

No, that’s just gnu dung.

Ouch, that’s a little harsh, I realize that I may not be at World Champs level or even over the Edge but ……. I did try 🙂
Note to readers, with SEN we know that about a third of our readers are not native English speaker so generally try  not to present things in a clear fashion for all. But from time to time we can’t resist deviations in to humour or humor.

More about DT fly-offs
From:Tapio Linkosalo

In the palindrome issue of SEN (2442) John C. makes a good point, that if the competition points are shared, the remainder probably becomes so small that is of little use for the competitor in the World Cup, and thus the competition is “wasted”. But what if the solution is not in trying to establish new means of making the fly-off, but simply providing full (winners) points to everyone in the winning position? After all, a free flight competition is about elimination If you still have multiple fliers with full score, and the conditions do not allow further flying, then consider all the remaining fliers winners and credit them full points!

Aram S. suggest a minimum limit for the DT tailplane angle. Unfortunately this does not work for gliders, where reducing the angle (to certain extent) keeps the tail higher and speeds up the descent. Or, for some models, increasing the tailplane angle may lead to “falling leaf” or similar unsteady, slow and dangerous descent pattern.