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  1. DTing rate in a DT-flyoff
  2. Dino disses retro
  3. More about Fly-off
  4. More Baofeng (and a glimpse into …)
  5. D/T flyoffs at World Cup events – Give the CD the tools
  6. Palindromic SEN

DTing rate in a DT-flyoff
   From: Aram Schlosberg

To prevent flyers investing time and effort to slow down their model’s DT rates, the rules could require that the stab’s DT angle be at least 40 degrees, verifiable by a simple wedge.

A DT-flyoff is a second best solution, dictated by calendar and/or field constraints.


Dino disses retro
Model sizes.As Steve suggests everyone who flies F1A,B,C can throw multi thousands of $$$ in the garbage. Hmmm. But the good news everyone can start building balsa models again. But of course, there are only about a dozen modelers in the world that actually build their models.
I’m guessing there is a better way..

More about Fly-off
From: Leslie Farkas

Again we are getting all kind of suggestions, approvals and dis-approvals about the fly-offs.  This democracy of people making decisions as they see it fit for the moment is clearly creating a chaos.  As I commented following the Bern contest, the format of finals is clearly stipulated in the CIAM Rule book.. To the best of my knowledge there are no changes in the rules. It is time for CIAM to take a firm stand and make a statement by sending out a notice to all contest organizers for 2018, that no deviation is allowed regarding the fly-offs!!!  I don’t think that the weather on any Continent is different. Usually by late afternoon it becomes calm and with the diminishing thermal activities that is when the Fly Off should be held.

Organizing a World Cup is a serious commitment and the person in charge should run a fair contest without gimmicks (Like deductions based on the 120 seconds DT, Altimeters which not all competitors have and I could go on and on). The purpose of a contest is to find out, who is the best thermal picker, which model has the best performance on that given day and that is to decide the placings.

The competitions are for the participants not the organizers. One other thought, if somebody is not happy with an organizer, don’t go there again.

Leslie Farkas

More Baofeng
From: gilbert morris

Hi Roger,
I too can attest to the quality of the Baofeng UV-5R tranceiver available
from Amazon or Ebay for $30. I have been working on an electronic
timekeeper in which I’m using a UHF transmitter (spy bug) mounted on a F1C
model to sense the engine noise and transmit it to the Baofeng on the
ground and from it through an audio amplifier that feeds the signal to a
stop watch to which I have added two wires that operate the start/stop
function. The human timer pushes a button upon launch to start the watch
but the shut-off is automatic. I’m hopeful it will satisfy power flyers
concerns about accuracy of 4 sec runs. I could use some help on eliminating
capacitors in the amplifier circuit that delay the signal slightly.


D/T flyoffs at World Cup events – Give the CD the tools
From: John Cuthbert

As I was the contest director at the Stonehenge and Equinox World Cup Events
and oversaw the D/T fly off at the Equinox Cup I feel I should respond to
what has been said regarding this issue. I thank all those who have voiced
their opinions on this matter. All of which are welcomed as this issue of
resolving a World Cup event to a satisfactory conclusion is not going to go
away. Therefore all opinions are needed and relevant. The existing rules
clearly do not, and cannot provide the answers that contest directors are
sometimes faced with at fly off times. From my point of view, and with the
greatest respect to the contest director of the F1A result at the Szabo
Miklos Memorial event to have seven competitors share first place is not
worthy of the word Contest. The CD has my greatest sympathy. If one is
serious about trying to win a the World Cup outright then such a result as
this is of very little benefit to anyone. Hence it is vitally important to
get a winner by what ever means is available and sporting. The other point
is how do you allocate the winner’s trophy given this scenario. (chop it up
into seven pieces I guess)

I am the first to admit that a D/T fly off, as things are at the
moment, is not ideal, but still represents the best way of achieving a
result that involves the main criteria we strive for in determining the
winner. I refer to highest launches, best trim and best air picking. I
accept that the dethermalised part of the flight can be influenced by
manipulating the rate of DT to extend the decent. This is not within the
realms of achieving a “sporting” result. It is difficult to police and
should therefore be rejected. The idea of recording the altitude at DT seems
much more preferable and less prone to manipulation. However it does need an
accurate and consistent measuring device (I do not know if these exist) and
of course for EVERY competitor to have such a device. The decision to have a
D/T fly off at the Equinox Cup was taken after full consultation the all
those who were participating in the fly off’s. Given the options available
to us the overwhelming decision was to have the D/T fly off’s. Forcing an
extended fly off would have resulted in models in 30 metre high trees which
would not have been retrieved on that day and needing the assistance of
professional  tree surgeons. Given that our visitors would be catching late
ferries to get home I fully respect their decision.

My philosophy when C/Ding any contest, is to run it for the
benefit of the fliers and to achieve the best sporting result possible,
given the many restraints that C/D’s are faced with. To those who say that
all contests should be run strictly to the rules should put themselves
forward to organise some of these events. Perhaps they will begin to realise
it is not a simple Black and White issue. Clearly the whole issue of
achieving a satisfactorily result needs a whole new rethink and so I say to
the CIAM to revisit this and come up with a workable solution to cover all
scenarios (small and restricted fling sites, high winds etc etc)

Best regards to all free flight competitors around the world,


Palindromic SEN
When preparing SEN and looking at the issue number I sometimes think, that for example a SEN issue number ends in 00 so it must be a special issue.

Well this one is a Palindrome so is it special?