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  1. EQUINOX CUP Fly off in England
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  3. 2018 SCAT BLACK CUP Fun Fly FAI combo Contests

EQUINOX CUP Fly off in England
From: Frédéric ABERLENC

Here is what we can find on the Jury report of Equinox cup:

“The strength and direction of the wind at flyoff time would have resulted in models flying into trees given an extended maximum time. For that reason a DT flyoff was held, this decision was reached after consultation with all flyers participating in the flyoff. The DT time was set for 120 seconds, with the final score being the time to the ground. For every second over 120 that the model DTed and penalty of 2x the number of seconds over 120 that the model DTed was applied.”

Again and like for the Bern contest, we dont respect the rules of the sporting manual. If it is not possible to make a Fly Off we share the first place (like in Salonta 2018) but we dont create new rules.

For the credibility of Free Flight, these Fly Off have to be cancelled.



Editors Notes

1.    This email was sent to us in 16 May but for some reason we did not get it so Frederic sent a follow up.  This is the correct thing to do.  We do not always send out an SEN when we get just one but generally hold it until we a few, unless we judge the subject to be very important or time sensitive so when you send us something it may not come out that day.  But as you can see form this example sometimes we don’t get an email or it is over looked so feel free to send a reminder if you think we have forgotten your email.
2.    DT fly offs and local rules.  Frederic’s email raises questions on what deviations, if any from the sporting code are permitted for World Cup events.  So, for example :
3.    Must the event  have official timekeepers ? how many ?
4.    Maximum number of how  contestants per pole?
5.    Requirement for subdividing round time to give each sportsman a fair go?
6.    Must have poles ?
7.    Can the CD change the max time of regular rounds, other than the first or last?
8.    By how much can the CD change the max time?
9.    How does the change in max time have to be announced at the event ?
10.    Does it have to be in the contest announcement that the CD might change the max, including shorten it?
11.    Can the CD have a DT fly off ?
12.    If so are there rules for how it must be done ? and how it must be announced ?
13.    Clearly I think that people would consider a local rule bad, inappropriate, should not be done  that for example decreased towline length for flappers, increased towline length for wooden models, or similar such rules for other classes.  So what’s OK ?

Full Salonta results
For those interested the Full Salonta results are now online.

For those who are curious as to why so much interest in the Salonta contests, it is because they have very high participation of top level flyers from many countries.  The Russian events also have many participants but not so many from outside of Russia.  Salonta is ideally situated in central Europe close to many countries that are only a short drive away.  It has a reputation of being a “good contest”.


Szabó Miklós Memorial

2018 SCAT BLACK CUP Fun Fly FAI combo Contests

From: Jim Parker

June 16, Perris, CA. CD: Jim Parker, 818.404.3834
July 7, Lost Hills,CA. CD: Ed Carroll, 818.489.5039
Aug 04, Perris, CA. CD: Bill Booth, 706,889.3201
Sept 08, Perris, CA. CD :Roger Morrell, 310.483.8776

Free Flight FAI  Combo Fun Fly- Record Trials .
7 flights, Standard regular round max times. 2 min max prorated to 3 min.
NEW: Tie breaker- most entertaining flight as judged by  the CD
$5 entry for as many events as you want to fly.
7am to Noon.
Sunday is a reserve day at discretion of the CD.
Self timing allowed.
Valid for  USA Team Selection Program flight time but no self timing.

Single perpetual “Black Cup” awarded.

Perris GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 33.78000, -117.20000
Lost Hills: GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 35.6648, -119.7981

150 F1A-A2 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
151 F1B Wakefield – Event Classes: (JSO)
152 F1C Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
153 F1G Coupe d’Hiver – Event Classes: (JSO)
154 F1H-A1 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
155 F1J 1/2 A Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
158 F1P Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
159 F1Q Electric Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
166 F1S Electric – Event Classes: (JSO)

Jim Parker, SCAT president

Editor’s comment
For our readers outside of Southern California, while in most places in the world the summer is the best time for model flying events, this is not the case at sites like Lost Hills where the temperature can be well over 40 C in the summer.  So it is not practical to have major “serious” contests but like everyone else we like to get together and fly.  So we don’t get into trouble with Frederic we do point out that these are not World or America’s Cup events 🙂

For those wondering about the Black Cup – for this Fun event Jim recycled a trophy and spray painted it black, hence the name Black Cup.

SCAT members of course go to summer event in other parts of the world.