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  1. Frannie Masterman
  2. Orbiteers add FAI events to the Duel
  3. Big Al’s FAI Contest at Lost Hills

Frannie Masterman
From:John Lorbiecki

Hello to all my Free Flight friends. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that after a long period of time, we have lost Frannie Masterman to cancer. She was tremendously strong the last year and will leave a big hole in our organization. She was my left hand, right hand, and as many will say, she REALLY was the overall leader of our group. She kept the board in line and improved the NFFS. Keep her in your prayers.Paul is doing fine and is helping us in the transition to a new treasurer. I know we will grow from this and NFFS will continue to be the voice for Free Flighters. As I always end, :see ya down wind”!

John Lorbiecki
President NFFS

Orbiteers add FAI events to the Duel
From: Bill Booth

Hi Roger,

Please post on SEN that the San Diego Orbiteers have added F1A, F1B & F1C to their schedule for the Dual Clubs Annual May 19 & 20.  I will run the events and we will follow the normal schedule of 7 rounds with extended first round  maxes. Entry fees & awards same as all other events.   Got any questions, let me know.  (760) 889-3201


Big Al’s FAI Contest at Lost Hills
The last Big Al’s Shootout was held at Lost Hills in May 2017.  There is a plan to replace that with a new event starting in May of 2019.  There is no contest this year.

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Roger Morrell