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  1. Icare2 Gps tracker
  2. PYXIS GPS tracker
  3. F1D World Champs
  4. Thermiksense Blog about the F1D Championship
  5. SCAT Annual 2018

No GPS user input but contact info from suppliers

Icare2 Gps tracker
From: F.Aberlenc
Hello Roger
Some information on gps tracker
You can find information about the Icare2 Gps tracker on
If you need feedback in Usa you can contact Walt Ghio for example or myself
My email

PYXIS GPS tracker
Hello Roger,
thanks in advance for publishing on SEN the link to the datasheet of my new PYXIS GPS tracker:

For further information customers can directly email me at


F1D World Champs
The F1D World Champs is about to start in West Baden Indiana, USA.  There was a kerfuffle if the builder of the model rule (applies for F1D) and the use of purchased VP Hubs.  The jury ruled that the use of  purchased VP is permitted. The full jury statement plus much more can be found on the organizer’ web site

Real time scores here

Thermiksense Blog about the F1D Championship
From:Bernhard Schwendemann
on Monday the indoor championship  F1D will start in West Baden Springs,
Indiana (USA).
Uwe Bundesen and Thomas Merkt from Germany will participate. They will
on the website of the magazine Thermiksense in a blog:

Best regards

The German Free-Flight Magazine

SCAT ANNUAL 2018 flash , day 1
From: Jim Parker
Completed 7 round in great conditions but tricky air. Larry Norval’s F1B dt’d at 3 minutes, landed 300 yards way at 20 minutes.

F1A FO started at 2:45 pm with Wunderground forcast for rain and wind. A light sprinkle at 7 minute window open. Mike McKeever and Nir Shitrit. Nir missed his launch but his glider hunted out the thermal for a max. Mike had a great launch and was up and away with a challenging case though one of the pits.

Wind and rain picked for the F1B FO, Tiff O’Dell and Roger Morrell. With a slight drop in wind, Roger launched first, then Tiff. The Glider up air turn to downer, Roger won with 159sec.

F1A FO tomorrow morning at 7:30. Then the rest of the SCAT Annual.

Unfortunately no AMA flyers showed today except Glenn ‘Doc’ Schneider . who did the score keeping…thanks.
Almost 6p, field dried out, sun has come out light 5 mph breeze. Forcast for tomorrow is better than today.

Day 2
SCAT annual 2018 is in the books All flying for the day is done and most have packed and left. The Sunday night RV folk are enjoying a pleasant afternoon.

Morning started with the F1A flyoff. Nir launch first, got good altitude, a bit of a stall on top but then settled into a large circle. Mike set up, aborted the launch, then he could not get the model around the next circle for an attempt. Mike’s next launch started well but the model dt’d at bunt for a disappointing 17 sec. Nir did just over 6 min for the win. Shlomi R was third.

Mike Richardson won the tie breaker in F1G and then proceeded to make 5 maxes, the 3 minute FO and the 4 minute FO for the win. Charlie Jones put pressure on Mike with his 5 maxes and 3 and 4 minute flights for 2nd. Tiff O was third.

Blake Jensen won the F1H fly tie breaker flight. Brian Van Nest was second and I was third by 1 second. The three of us made the 5, 2 minute maxes and the 3 minute FO. In the 4 min.FO, Brian and Blake went up wind, Brian launched, not his best in turbulent air, was down to 30 meters before coring the thermal up and away. Blake made a great luanch but went out the front of the thermal and was down in 50 seconds! Bummer! I found a strong, smoother thermal for a max. So F1H placing: Brian V, Jim P, Blake J and Mike Mc.

Speaking of Mike, he made 3 maxes in Cat Glider, Brian 2 Maxes and I embarrassed my self but got a troghy.
Larry Norval early DT his Nostalgia Wakefield on his first flight (still learning the e-timer) and then made his 3 and 4 minute max for the win.

Glenn Schneider won F1J.

Thanks to Norm and Merry for timing and goodies to eat.
Nice day of flying, only one model in the trees, Charlie J almost caught his F1G a couple trees in.

Think I’ll go make some test flights. Too bad I didn’t finish the T-Bird.