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  1. SCAT Annual  this weekend
  2. SEN new feature
  3. Queuing E-36
  4. E36/F1S FabFeb Contest Report Musings #1

SCAT Annual  this weekend
From: Jim Parker
Flyer is in SEN 2403
SCAT Annual Summary see SEN 2403 for full  Contest Flyer
And here is the link for those who don’t keep every SEN issue on their desk top

SCAT ANNUAL March 17 & 18, Reserve March 19, 2018 at Lost Hills Field, CA

FAI Events
Saturday, March 17: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q F1P
Seven [7] one hour rounds start @ 8AM with extended max times

Sunday, March 18: F1G, F1H, F1J-S (combined perpetual trophy)
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1G 7:45- 7:55; F1H 8:00-8:10; F1J &S 8:15-8:25
Standard Five [5] rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.

AMA Events:
Saturday 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM-4PM

Saturday: Hand Launch Glider, E-36, ½ A Nostalgia, Classic Towline Glider
Sunday: Catapult Glider, P30, ABC Nostalgia Gas,

Vintage FAI Power (may enter multiple eras and  both days)
Nostalgia Wakefield (may enter both days)

Tues3/13/2018 at 9:00 am, Wunderground Report- Lost Hills CA
Day temps 50-60 F
Friday 30% chance of light (.03″) Rain
Sat and Sunday zero % chance of rain
Barometric Pressure rising
Might have wind Sat Afternoon, Sunday Looks great.
Although Monday is scheduled as a reserve day, all effort will be made
to complete the contest Sunday.

Thermals, JIM

SEN new feature
[Warning this article contains words and expressions that while in English are EoB-like*, that means they are somewhat obscure and confusing.  Even native English speakers may find them incomprehensible. But they are not critical to the understanding of SEN and failure to understand them or this article  will not diminish your enjoyment of Free Flight or the reading of SEN]

Some of you have noticed and we got a few oblique comments that we have added a quasi-EoB-like one line summary for each SEN.  For sometime the way we distribute SEN by email has let us put a one line summary that you can see in the mail summary that most email programs provide.  However a quick survey of selected SEN readers showed that only a few realized that this feature was there. So we have decided to make it more obvious.

In addition in the SEN archive we show a list of SEN issues and realized that just saying the issue number e.g. SEN 2415 did not help people very much in searching for a particular back number so we have added this “one liner” to the subject that archives going forward will show.

So that readers will have opportunity to appreciate the creative effort required to compose a single sentence that includes something from all the articles in each issue that one liner will also appear in italics above or as part of the table of contents.  We do apologize for the quality of the humor or rather humour in the one liner but can partially put the blame on said EoB who did not show up at Fab Feb this this year to give the SEN editor an obscure humour refresher and while Mr Fantham who was there is a  F1A World Champ in the obscure and confusing department he is a mere amateur compare with EoB.

*In SEN we generally include the author’s name. There are a few people that we honor/honour with a nom de plume, one being the late Martyn Cowley aka Biggles.  EoB is in this category as a quasi-Scotsman who does indeed live beyond the edge – hence EoB

Queuing E-36
A couple of issues back we made the grave error in reprinting information from FB about E-36/F1S.  this has spawned a number of pro and con articles some of which smack of the fake news we see these in non-Free Flight media.  Seeing we fly FF to get away from that stuff – that dialog is finished.

As guideline to good E-36/F1S stuff we again steal from FB this piece written by Derek McGuckin

E36/F1S FabFeb Contest Report Musings #1
Derek from FB

I thought I would share some thoughts about the E36/F1S happenings at this years FabFeb. Weather was nice except for the wind that affected several contest days.
My focus for the week was F1B and E36/F1S. The IKE had F1B and E36 scheduled for Saturday and I chose to fly F1B only. After the F1B contest I visited the AMA flightline and found that there were 5 contestants that had completed the four 10s. rounds. The wind was quite strong (the reason the F1ABCQ contests were dropped to 5 rounds) and people were waiting for better conditions. Clint Brooks has a nice write up of the contest in the SCAMPS March newsletter. You can find it below:

The Kiwi Cup F1S contest was Sunday with the first round set for 5 minutes. This was a change from previous years when the minis events had a ‘Champagne Flyoff’ for the first round: the flight was timed to the ground and the total used to decide the contest if there were more than 2 contestants still clean after the second flyoff round. This year the first-round max was set for 5 minutes.

I flew early in the round hoping for a bit of the famous Lost Hills ‘inversion layer’. Bad strategy because there wasn’t one. ?? Ralph Ray was the only one to max which he did with a five second motor run! He flew late in the round and found nice air. That pretty much decided the contest. Conditions were nice and it was pretty simple to max out the rest of the rounds which 6 flyers did. I ended up fifth. Many of the planes were climbing high and flying well. Dick Ivers plane was really fast. He placed second. Ralph Ray was the only one to max out and he did it on 5 sec. motor runs. Impressive!

Ralph was flying his Apache36 design which he and Stan Buddenbohm have developed over the last 3-5 years. It features around 21-22 degrees of down thrust and doesn’t have a pylon. The motor is the out of production Hyperion with a 7×6 folding propeller that Stan makes out of APC blades and he sells. Clint Brooks offers a full kit version he calls the Apache 2 and Stan offers a RTF (and maybe a kit version?) as well. I’m not sure what battery Ralph is using. Stan didn’t fly in the Kiwi Cup F1S since he doesn’t like the format. He timed/ assisted Ralph during the contest.
One thing I noticed is several contestants warming up the battery before flight. I asked Dick Ivers about it and found out that there is a large power improvement if the battery is warmed to 120F. Good to know.
Ralph also won the E36 mass launch which I didn’t witness. It was flown at 7:45am on Sunday. Results can be found in the IKE contest scores which I can’t find at the moment.

UP next: Monday’s E36 World Challenge

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