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  1. RDT to get an attempt  observations
  2. Ike and Fab Feb 2019
  3. When is a flight a flight
  4. NFFS Model of the Year ?


RDT to get an attempt – observations
From: Aram Schlosberg

In general, if an A model is DTed from 50+ meters it will land in 21+ seconds making the flight official.

So an A flyers will try and RDT his model  late, say 10-15 meters off the ground to get a certain attempt (under 20 seconds). The same applies to C models.

The case of B model’s is hopeless. DTing the model under power will cause the model to loop violently.


Ike and Fab Feb 2019
From: Roger Morrell

I have heard that a number of people are concerned, already , about Fab Feb 2019 and the Ike contest following Norm Furutani’s retirement.  In particular some are concerned about the future of the AMA events.  Norm has handed the event over to me as I was the co-CD and ran the FAI events for many years while Norm was doing the AMA events and overall CD. Each of the Fab Feb events, the Ike/Kiwi Cup, the North American and the MaxMen International each have their own individuality. One of those of the Ike/Kiwi is that just like the founders Bob Isaacson and Norm Furutani the event supported both AMA and FAI events.  This is one of the few events where flyers from around the world get to fly non-FAI events together and I know international visitors have enjoyed flying with the locals and vice versa.  Also AMA flyers in colder parts of the country are getting cabin fever and want to come to California where they hope the weather will be warmer and do some flying.    I am already working with more than one qualified person or group wanting to help with AMA classes to preserve that aspect of the event. It will take a little while to sort it out as we have not yet finished all the paperwork and follow up from this year!  The Fab Feb “week” is a big Free Flight happening and keeping everything coordinated across all events is very important for the success and all those involved in running the events work very hard to do that. We will keep people advised through SEN and other sources as they progress.  In the meantime there are many more events before Fab Feb 2019 so get out there and do some flying!

When is a flight a flight
Tom Jones

If a F1A is towed in are you charged with an attempt?  But not flight was made correct? So what was attempted?

NFFS Model of the Year ?
Ross Jahnke

Its time to solicit nominations for the National Free Flight Society Model
of the Year. What was the most impressive, innovative, or unique model of
2017? What set a record, won a slew of trophies or a major championship?
Please post nominations here or to my e-mail, and
include (if possible) links to a plan, photos, or videos.