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  1. Dawn Tues AM Flyoff Schedule
  2. Fab Feb on Flickr by Furutani
  3. I am not your mother

Dawn Tues AM Flyoff Schedule
From Tony Mathews
North American Cup flyoff info:
The flyoff schedule for Thursday morning is as follows:
F1C 7:00 am
F1B 7:20 am
F1A 7:40 am
The max will be 10 minutes. The flyoff window is 7 minutes.
The location will be the same as used for today.

See you all tomorrow!

Tony Mathews

Fab Feb on Flickr by Furutani
Photos from Fab Feb by Brian Furutani

I am not your mother
From: The CD (any CD)
In today’s North American The CD had announced the first round max in the flyer and in walking the line at the start of the first round. He also said on the control table that 5th and last round might be different. It was , it was longer and he walked the line announcing that too.  Yes, you might go to the bathroom, hide in your car, talk to your buddy,  have his words drowned by a F1C moto, and the dog eat your homework (apologies to the non-English speakers for this idiom). Remember it is still the sportsman’s responsibility to keep up to date and listen for these changes.

As you may have gathered a few people missed these changes so shot themselves in the foot (apologies again) and dropped a few spots in the rankings.

Not written by Tony Mathews, certainly not by Peter Allnutt and clearly the language is not Ladi’s