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SEN 2398

  1. North American Cup Score Cards and Teams
  2. Gabby’s Update
  3. Timing Flyoffs

Fab Feb Section

North American Cup Score Cards and Teams
From Tony Mathews
Could you mention on SEN that the North American Cup will be at the white tent on the field Tuesday signing up teams for the team event and people can pick up their score cards at the same time. We will be open from 12:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Gabby’s Update
From: Janna VanNest

Angelica from Gabby’s said they would stay open until 6:30 or later
Monday thru Wednesday
Of course the social is still on Thursday


Timing Flyoffs
Firstly thanks very much to everyone from the Kiwi Cup organizers for stepping up and helping to time the F1A, F1B, F1c and F1Q flyoffs.  This was a major undertaking and it went off very smoothly, achieving a fine sporting results.

One thing to remember for the next World Cup Events – When you are given a person to time and you do not know that person.  Ask somebody to show you who that person is. There are lots of people from different countries with unfamiliar names, it is perfectly OK to ask who someone  is and how to say their name.  When you see that person tell them that you are their timer, so that do not have to worry if that have a timer and can focus on flying.

Rest Section
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