National Free Flight Society

SEN 2396a

  1. Kiwi Cup Flyoff notes

Kiwi World Cup Fly off update
The weather forecast for tomorrow gives us a wind of only 2 mph at 7AM.  This wind is from the West. This is typical Lost Hills and we noticed that this morning. The wind was from the West and swung to a  Northerly direction as the sun rose.  We cannot fly from the Northern most flight line when the wind is from the West because it is too close to Holloway Road. The site choice will be probably be between the North Western corner of our property and the “Middle”  line we used today.  We are telling you this because the North Western corner of our property was not discussed today.  The decision has to be made in the morning.

You will have seen that 33 F1B flyers made the flyoff as well as  24 in F1A, 8 in F1C and 2 in F1Q. We need many time keepers so be sure to come out and time to support those who made the fly off. Each person in the fly off should bring a time keeper.  The time keepers will be distributed on a random basis.

The scorekeeper has all the time cards and they will be distributed by the CD or his helper  to the time keepers. You do not need to pick them up.  We will fly  the two classes with the smaller number of fly off participants first. It is important to be there promptly by 7 as we want to get the flyoffs finished by 8.
The Max is 10 minutes unless otherwise notified.
The score sheet showing those clean has been made available on the Free Flight group on Facebook and distributed via SEN.