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  1. Power Flyers at Fab Feb
  2. Fab Feb Update
  3. NFFS needs you!

Power Flyers at Fab Feb
Don Chesson will again be bringing a fuel order to us for the Fab Feb events and practice. Please e mail me your needs at no later than January 20th. Remember, we do quarts and also let me know how much nitro you want for F1 J fuel.
See you soon.
Mike Roberts
member of USA F1C collective

Fab Feb Update
As of today we have 106 entries from 23 countries. If you have not entered yet
Information is here:

Online Entry is here :

NFFS needs you!
From: John Lorbiecki

Welcome to the 2018 FF season. I am in need of an individual who has a love for Free Flight and wants to see the sport continue to grow. I am looking for a person to lead a hand selected group (by this person) to help grow the NFFS membership. This lead will be responsible to put together a team and look out of the box to help NFFS gain membership. They will have the resources of our organization to help make this happen. As committee chair, you will report to myself and the board. It is a volunteer position but should be very fulfilling with the knowledge that you have done something to perpetuate the sport.
If you are interested in this position please contact me at and lets talk.

John Lorbiecki
NFFS President