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  1. Looking for ST 15 parts
  2. A few rules thoughts
  3. 2017 WChamps Jury Report

Looking for ST 15 parts
Wanted: I’m in need of a header for a Super Tigre 15 to run a tuned pipe in vintage FAI.  I have a kit for the Night Train and I plan on building it in honor of my dad who passed away in ’08.  It was the only FAI plane he ever built.  If anyone has one they can sell me I would be most appreciative!
George  Voss
or 405 590-4389

 A few rules thoughts

From: Ian Kaynes
A few thoughts in response to Leslie Farkas in SEN 2374.
I know that we have never introduced a rule with the intent of making it unclear or subject to different interpretations.
When it has become apparent that a change may be interpreted in different ways then it has been changed. There are a number of proposals from the subcommittee submitted to CIAM some of which are addressing such problems (for example to clarify the 20 sec attempt rule). I was criticised at the CIAM Bureau meeting this week by the Technical Secretary for proposing changes in the F1 code – saying that free flight has been around a long time and the rules should be frozen. My response is that nothing is perfect and circumstances never stand still.

The problem of sanctions against an event is difficult. Ern for example. It is a very popular competition – the only one to impose limits on number of entries and they are invariably close to reaching those limits. However, it has a history of adapting rules to suit its circumstances (for example 2 years ago it prematurely applied the group flyoff rules, etc). I will keep trying to emphasise that the rules should be followed, but the ultimate sanction – not accepting the event for World Cup status – would be quite unpopular with the majority who have not been affected by these rule deviations……. Any suggestions are welcome.

Ian Kaynes

2017 WChamps Jury Report

This has been published  (and presented at the recent CIAM Meeting) it can be found online at