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  1. 2017 Sierra Cup F1E Full Results and Update
  2. Joe Wurts on Thermals on You Tube

2017 Sierra Cup F1E Full Results and Update
From:Fred Terzian


Here are the actual scores as recorded by Peter Brocks, who along with
Brigitte were running this event. This is copied from an iPhone photo.

PLACE   NAME           CTRY     R1     R2     R3     R4     R5     SUMPT
F1E                           150    150    180    180    180

1    Bob Sifleet    USA SEC  137    106    160    180    180
AMA 18326            %  100    70.67  88.89  100    100
E%         170.67 259.56 359.56 459.56

2    Fred Terzian   USA SEC  122    135    1127   180    180
AMA 137              %  89.05  90.00  70.56  100    100
E%         179.05 249.61 349.61 449.61

3    Peter Brocks   USA SEC  76     150    180    180    142
AMA 84018            %  55.47  100    100    100    78.89
E%         155.47 255.47 355.47 434.36

4    Ian Kaynes     GBR SEC  57     111    163    180    180
GBR 2100             %  41.61  74.00  90.56  100    100
E%         115.61 206.17 306.17 406.17

5    Dave Parsons   USA SEC  113   150    125    55     125
AMA 6280             %  82.48 100    69.44  30.56  69.44
E%        182.48 251.92 282.48 351.92

As a side note, most competitors who flew throughout the weekend in the big
events had left. Possibly because of work commitments or fearing the
projected strong winds on Monday during the combined Mini events. As others
have reported, Monday was an absolutely incredible day. You could stand and
do a 360 degree turn around and not see any mountains in the distance. The
Sierra Nevada, Grapevine and “Lost Hills” mountains were obscured with a
combination of dust and possibly some ash from fires in Kern County, mainly
to the southeast.
By Tuesday morning only one camper or motorhome was observed in the main
flying pad. The lone standouts were the Porta Potties.

I have to really thank Alan Jack for noting that my stabilizer was popped
up in the first round when I was ready to launch. Although the flight
probably would have allowed me an attempt of less than twenty seconds, the
model could have suffered some damage, changing my odds of placing later.
My model was the last to fly in the final fifth round so the four other
contestants plus Tom Ioerger, Henning and Alan Jack were spectators.
Brigitte was farther north in a ravine looking for Peter’s model.

When I launched, the breeze was not very strong and the temperature
recorder was slowly moving up. The airplane proceeded forward and began to
gain altitude. It was weather vaning directly into the wind with very
little side motion, however it was starting to be pushed backwards towards
the launch area. My timer Dave Parsons and I were looking straight up at
it–I should have pulled my iPhone out and take a few photos! It then
proceeded to move forward and still gaining altitude as it went into the
heart of the basin below the launch point. By the time it landed barely
half way out, it had recorded a total time of 8 minutes and 47 seconds on
Dave’s stopwatch. The spectators asked why I did not DT it after three
minutes. I responded by saying that I removed it before its first flight,
assured that it would never fly away. The empty cavity provided a spot to
put my tracking transmitter in, along with any additional ballast if it
became windy. What a way to finish a fabulous six days of flying at Lost

Fred T.

Joe Wurts on Thermals on  You Tube
Joe Wurts is one of the best R/C Soaring Pilots in the world, he is the man to beat at any major event.  Joe moved from the USA to New Zealand a few  years ago.  Joe has given lectures to R/C Soaring pilots around the World a number of times.  On a recent visit to Israel a series of these lectures were recorded and put on You Tube.  The link to the first lecture is  While part of Joe’s lectures does not apply to Free Flight as it is to do with piloting the R/C glider. He gives extensive information about thermals in general. I quickly found information that was new to me and will be very useful to me.  Once on You Tube at the above link you can find the subsequent parts.