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  1. Contest report – Wilbur & Orville, September 9-10th, Wawayanda NY
  2. 2017 Tangent Classic FAI

Contest report – Wilbur & Orville, September 9-10th, Wawayanda NY
From: Oliver Cai

We had a little late start on Saturday with winds coming from NNW which put
us close to the entrance of the field. Winds were averaging around 6mph
with gusts up to 10-15mph so first round maxes were cut short. We were
right upwind of rather thick soybeans (3ft tall!), so 2 minutes put most of
the models on the sod field downwind. In F1B, Aram was the only contender
to max out. Carrol had a prop not release on the first round but finished
strong. In F1S, a 5 second motor run was used in the first round, which
would later become the determining factor. The motor run was extended to
10s to avoid the soybeans in the remaining rounds. We even had a F1H flier
brave the windy skies. Despite some sideways launches on his straight-tow
glider, Rich managed two maxes.

The second day featured more favorable weather, with very calm air the
entire morning. In F1G, all three fliers were very close to each other with
Carrol narrowly taking first by 7 seconds. In F1Q, all three fliers had
spectacular launches. Aram’s model climbed very high with a wakefield-esque
spiraling climb, while Drake’s model shot up straight up just like a F1C
model…an amazing sight. In the end, it was Drake’s who won with the only
max out. His last flight landed far downwind where soybeans replaced what
was previously sod, which made for a tough retrieval. Three max outs in F1A
led to a single 5-min flyoff round at 1:30pm. Andrew was the first off with
a very high launch on his flapper, followed by Peter and then Jama. Andrew
appeared to be in very good air, but somehow fell out along the way whereas
Jama launched into the core. Jama’s model was so incredibly high at 5
minutes, that it continued to spiral up after DT’ing and didn’t reach the
ground until 8 minutes. By a stroke of luck, his model landed beyond the
first treeline and the other field, right before the trees and river.
Tvzetan, who was familiar with the area, found the model in between some
trees in a grassy opening. Talk about pure luck!

Thank you to everyone who showed up. Entry fees will be donated to the
Junior Team.

1    2   3   4   5  FO Total  Name
A   240  180 180 180 180 300  1260  Jama Danier
A   240  180 180 180 180 265  1225  Andrew Barron
A   240  180 180 180 180 131  1091  Peter Barron
A   197  151 180 180 180       888  Tzvetan Tzvetkov

B   180  180 180 180 180       900  Aram Schlosberg
B   180  180 180 151 144       835  Tom Vaccaro
B    74  180 180 180 180       794  Carrol Allen

G   120  108 120 120 120       588  Carrol Allen
G   101  120 120 120 120       581  Bill Buss
G    94  120 120 120 120       574  Don Rousseau

H    54  120 120  28  39       361  Rich Wegener

Q   180  180 180 180 180       900  Drake Hooke
Q   180  180 180 180 152       872  Dick Ivers
Q   180  180 139 180 152       831  Aram Schlosberg

S    93  120 120 120 120       573  Drake Hooke
S    82  120 120 120 120       562  Dick Ivers

2017 Tangent Classic FAI
The 2017 Tangent Classic FAI meet was moved a few weeks later this year as many of our regular contestants were at the World Champs in Hungary.  Turn out was lighter than years past but the weather was great with cooler temps and not too much drift in the later rounds.  Friday we flew the big events, F1 A, B, & C with overcast skies and moderate breeze, however like most years at Tangent the forecast direction was not correct so our flight line was not in perfect position in the later rounds.  It was great to see Rick Ewing and Rob Lane return to our flight line fun and thank Mike Richardson for making the trek to Oregon.  It was also great to watch another junior F1 A pilot make his debut at our contest, placing second in the event, just a few seconds behind the only F1 A max out of Jim Parker.  Congratulations Roman Stalick….yes Bob Stalick’s grandson.  The other big battle was in the F1 B class, with all three flyers maxing out.  Blake Jensen took the fly off win over, Mike Richardson and Derek McGluckin.

The next day, Saturday was the mini day, flying F1 G, H, J and S. Tiffany O’Dell was the only max out in G for the win over Mike Richardson and Rick Ewing.  In F1 H the big name boys maxed out with the fly off won by Jim Parker followed by Brian Van Nest then Mike McKeever.  Derek McGluckin beat Lee Hines in F1 S.  I was the only power flyer for what that is worth, but still enjoyed the flying and hangin’ with the gang.  Here are the numbers:

F1 A
1st Jim Parker.                 1260
2nd Roman Stalick.              1245
3rd Pierre Brun.                1222
4th Mike McKeever.              1200
5th Brian Van Nest.             1177
6th Rob Lane.                   948

F1 B
1st Blake Jensen.               1657
2nd Mike Richardson.            1615
3rd Derek McGluckin.            1517

F1 C
1st Mike Roberts.                  1080

F1 G
1st Tiffany O’Dell.             600
2nd Mike Richardson.            566
3rd Rick Ewing.                 244

F1 H
1st Jim Parker.                   897
2nd Brian Van Nest.               863
3rd Mike McKeever.                796
4th Blake Jensen.                 356
5th Rob Lane.                     203

F1 J
1st Mike Roberts.                 360

F1 S
1st Derek McGluckin.              595
2nd Lee Hines.                    466

And that’s the news from the beautiful Willamette Valley.

Mike & Ron

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