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Magical Devices SEN 2240
From: Gavin Manion

Hi Roger,
Perhaps it’s just too silly to comment that ALL systems using servos are Closed Loop Systems.

A moment’s thought suggests a number of possible uses for an altimeter in a glider, e.g.
Don’t allow hook unlatch if the last circle saw a loss of altitude more than X.
Don’t allow entry to glide turn if the altitude is not increasing at rate Y.
Initiate bunt if If the rate of altitude gain is less than Z.
End bunt when the rate of altitude gain is zero

The decision making options open to a flyer receiving real time telemetry from an altimeter are also fertile ground for thought.

If a luddite like me can imagine these things just think what a clever person could think up.

Just for once can the rule makers get ahead of the curve?


Sporting Code
SC4_CIAM General_Rules_17

B.1.2.1 Category F1 – Free Flight a) This is a flight during which there exists no physical connection between the model aircraft and the competitor or his helper. Radio control functions are allowed only when specifically stated in the rules for the relevant class. Closed loop control systems with active sensors and operating aerodynamic flight controls or moving mass are not allowed, unless allowed in the class rules

Well, Dino still likes SEN

From: Michael Achterberg

Kudos to Roger!!It doesn’t get said enough or at all, but the work you do with Sen is appreciated by 99% of the flyers in the world. It takes a great deal of your time and we do appreciate it and you are highly respected in the freeflight community.

Thank you again..
Michael Achterberg

From the Wood House
From: Michael Woodhouse


Interesting as always. SEN does the job that is not done elsewhere it is the place where those involved at whatever level, wherever and with the commitment they like to make to International free flight. I agree with a lot of the material as well as having problems with some of the ideas expressed. On a personal basis I’m pretty immune to any caustic comments made about me or my efforts be in the flying or the organisation of activities. I’m sorry that you felt that you had to exclude a piece on the basis that it compromised what SEN stands for. You are the editor so you have exerted that role and I except that decision. The only point I will make is that If you published such a piece the readership of SEN would soon rise up and shred the author. The readership is made up community that is committed to our pastime and will always make that clear in their writings.

Now a guessing game as to who was the excluded author? I have a thought!

Michael Woodhouse

Apologies for the Hungarian “In” Joke

In the Press
Just got my 2017 NFFS Symposium

Great issue with lots of interesting articles covering aspects of many topical subjects that interest us all.  Such as Fast Richard (sorry Dr Richard Mathis) on F1C, Q stuff by Omri from Israel, Gene Ulm with a positive view of Free Flight on the internet and more.

This is the table of Contents

  • Reflection
  • NFFS Symposium Editors, The History – David Mills
  • Thoughts on the Annual NFFS Symposium Report and its Future – David Mills



  • Exploration of Tailplane Aerofoils at Low Reynolds Numbers – Alan Brocklehurst
  • A Study of the Wobbeking Stabilizer Airfoil – Sergio Montes
  • The Future of E-36/F1S Performance – Tapio Linkosalo
  • Dawn Unlimited Rubber, Some Thoughts and Some Simulations – Peter King
  • New F1E Airfoils Designed for High Penetration – Brian Eggleston


  • Preservation of Old Plans and Decals – Roland Friestad
  • Dethermalizers for Small Scale Models – Tom Hallman
  • Demystifying Rubber-Powered Free Flight Scale in Flying Aces Club Competition – Vance Gilbert
  • Moore’s Law and Free Flight: A Fifty Year Retrospective of Free Flight Electronics – Frank Perkins
  • Current F1A Towline Technology – Allard van Wallene
  • Effects of Temperature on Rubber Performance – Paul Rossiter
  • F1B Rubber Test Tables – Bror Eimar
  • Observations on F1C in the 4 Second Era – Richard Mathis
  • F1Q Developments: The Slow Cruise Alternative – Omri Sirkis
  • Using Social Media to Market Free Flight – Gene Ulm
  • 2017 Models of the Year
  • 2017 Hall of Fame
  • 2017 Presidential Message

Get it at the NFFS store at