National Free Flight Society

SEN 2324

  1. Junior Euro Champs
  2. German Blog from Junior E/C F1ABP
  3. W Champs Blog Correction.

Junior Euro Champs


Martin Bencik SLO  960 +396
Alexey Khoroshev RUS 960 + 392
Sagi Brudni ISR 960 + 367


Bojan Gostojic SRB 1020 + 360 + 472
Sebastian Jäckel GER 1020 + 360 + 367
Omri Sela  ISR + 1020 + 360 + 355


Maksim Poliakov RUS 1260 + 293
Ilya Trapeznikov RUS 1260 + 272
Michal Krezel POL 1220

Full Results at

German Blog from Junior E/C F1ABP

Sorry for the late note, but the German blog from Macedonia is running since some days:

Best regards

W Champs Blog Correction.

The  SEN posting about Simon Dixon’s blog  got garfed up ..

Simon Dixon

The link for the world champs blog in the last SEN doesn’t work, looks like it’s repeated the address. It should be


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