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  1. Lost Hills  Shed stall and bike for sale
  2. Perris Update and Thanks
  3. Quiet

Lost Hills  Shed stall and bike for sale
FOR SALE:  Lost Hills bike shed #1 (next to last C-tainer from Holloway Rd), space #1 including Honda SK90 trail bike and loading ramp and misc. items on shelf above. $800. All proceeds will be contributed to Jr. and Sr. US FAI Teams, divided equally. Contact Gil Morris .

Perris Update and Thanks
The SCAMPS club was able to get someone to mow the entire Free Flight field and as you will see from the note below the different Free Flight Clubs in the greater Southern California area contributed.  The contractor did a good job and the vegetation is very short so should not snag towlines.  The R/C club also mowed their flying area.  Some other patches have been mown but as of the end of last week the area between the Sal Taibi field and San Jacinto Road is still long so don’t forget your tracker.

THANK you FAI flyers....
From: Roger Willis

The SCAMPS would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all the FAI flyers in
Southern California  who recently contributed to help mow TAIBI FIELD in
Perris California.  Your contribution along with other clubs and Flying Aces
Squadrons helped to off set our costs for the field work. Bless you all…rlw
for Dan Heinrich SCAMPS President

SEN readers a bit quiet at this time, hopefully it’s because they are out flying

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Roger Morrell