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  2. Altimeter use in SEN 2260
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Link to Ike and Kiwi Results
Kiwi F1ABC final fly off at Dawn – excellent conditions. No wind or rain
Ike F1HGJS event flown in perfect conditions. 

Altimeter use in SEN 2260
From: Allard van Wallene
Altimeter use,

The accuracy of a time keeping system is not the accuracy of a stopwatch versus the time base of an altimeter, it is :

(Accuracy of timekeeper + accuracy of stopwatch) versus (accuracy of altimeter).

If the accuracy of the timekeeper is the weak link, and this is what the proposal is all about, the accuracy of the altimeter will be an order of magnitude better if there are grounds for a dispute.

And in my previous reply I didn’t write there were not any protests, I wrote “I did not hear of any competition protest”.

Sometimes I get the impression that we are now discussing the replacement of time keepers by altimeters. This is not the case. If someone does not get his model back in time, the time keeper’s time still stands.
It is argued in a previous SEN that time keepers do a proper job and no rule changes are needed, yet it is now also argued if a sportsman doesn’t make it back in time he is disadvantaged. How can he be disadvantaged if the timekeeper has the right time?

A propos, not getting the model back in time is already a factor in the present system. If you are without a retrieving crew you are disadvantaged.

We are discussing a proposal, not a rule change. The voting is still open. From the results of the poll to date, UK will vote against in Lausanne. NL will vote in favour. Democracy at work, no pushing needed.

Voting page:

SEN Snap mailing
Recently you may have seen some short “Snap” messages from SEN.  These are one of the features of our mew service prover and permit us to send smaller messages based around a photo with a short message from a mobile phone App.  We use this to send Flashes from the field when it is not practical to prepare SEN in our normal way. We did this during the Kiwi Cup, so you should have seen these.

One or two people have reported difficulty in seeing the images – they should let us know what email program they use.

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