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  1. January Eloy Southwest Regionals
  2. About  Mark Gibbs Comments
  3. Dino still prefers J

January Eloy Southwest Regionals
The 69th Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships will be January 14-16 in Eloy, Arizona. About every Freeflight  FAI/AMA/NFFS/FAC event is flown. For details see .

The FAI events F1A, B, C/P and Q are flown on Saturday. The mini events F1G, H, J and S are on Sunday. In case of inclement weather Monday is a FAI reserve day. Please pre-enter before Jan. 1.

Come fly with us in Arizona!
Peter Brocks, FAI CD
About  Mark Gibbs Comments
I just came back to FF after spending many years in the RC Soaring world.  It seems that they are suffering a similar fate to FF in the fact that modelers’ age is increasing while flying sites are decreasing.  Next, the days of winch launching are just about over as electric launch sailplanes have arrived in a huge way.  These are welcomed by the aging modeling community as setting up, taking down and chasing the winch line is difficult for those with physical issues.

Back in the 70’s, an electric launch sailplane would have a 3M span and weigh near 100oz.  Today, they span closer to 4M and weigh less than 60oz due to construction techniques and battery/motor/ESC technology.  The current rage is altitude limited launch or ALES (altitude limited electric sailplane).  By the use of a simple sensor, when the model reaches a certain altitude, currently 200M, the motor is shut off and the last one down wins the round.  There is a penalty for gaining more than 210M by “zooming”.  Maybe we can consider a similar tactic alone and/or along with mass launch.  It’s not the same as “limiting engine run time” as all models will start at the same altitude give or take 3M.  There are no simple answers to such a complex question as modeling conditions around the world are different.

George Voss

Dino still prefers J

From: Michael Achterberg
Really! F1p..F1p is easier to fly than F1j.. Since few fly them, and from what I have seen they seem to be a constant fight to get a consistant pattern. As a matter of fact the F1j models I sold seem very simple by comparison. Everyone that flew them told me they had them adjusted in a flew flights. Kind of an out of the box model. Pretty easy to make go straight up. Actually with the exception of mechanical timer failure dont know of anyone who even crashed one. I fixed lots of F1c,s and F1b,s but never had an F1J to fix for my customers. Think I sold about 100 of them and never once got a call on how to adjust or can you fix this! Austin Gunder said it was simplest model he ever had.  So again I ask why do people still push F1p on the kids??

Just a thought.Happy New Year to all us Dinosaurs.


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Roger Morrell