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SEN 2226

SEN 2226 – Table of Contents

  1. Seen in the press – on FB
  2. 2017 World Champs Website
  3. 2017 World Cup Schedule
  4. .003 Carbon Suggestion
  5. F1A for sale
  6. SEN Status etc

Seen in the press – on FB
Cool carbon F1A parts made by Allard van Wallene . Made with titanium coated spread tow carbon. Questions on why and the advantages. Answer – who cares it looks really cool.

Way back when I first started aeromodelling in the 60s one of the guys in the Club, John Crombie always had the cool stuff and an ‘advanced’ sense of humor, just like Allard. They were both in the patent business, must be the effect of the crazy inventors they meet.

2017 World Champs Website
Is at and has bulletin 1 plus other information

2017 World Cup Schedule
From FFn
The calendar has not yet been fully confirmed. A number of events have issues with payment – either transaction in progress but not yet completed or the more serious no payments received. All these events are marked. In the summary tables below they are shown with * on the right handside are provisional.

World Cup summary F1A, F1B, F1C, F1P, F1Q
date venue F1 classes
Feb 11-13 Lost Hills USA Kiwi Cup of NZ ABCPQ
Feb 15 Lost Hills USA North American Cup ABCPQ*
Feb 16-20 Lost Hills USA Bob White Max Men ABCQP
Feb 25 Viabon FRA 14th Philippe Lepage B
Mar 10 Sakylan FIN Swedish Moose Cup ABCQ
Mar 11-12 Säkylä FIN Bear Cup ABCQ
Mar 18 Gjovik NOR Holiday on Ice ABCQ
Apr 8-9 Deva ROU Harghita Cup ABCPQ
Apr 14-18 Nalchik RUS Naloev Cup ABCP
May 1-2 West Wyalong AUS Southern Cross Cup ABC
May 4-5 Narrandera AUS Dave Anderson ABC
May 6 Andover GBR Stonehenge Cup ABCQ
May 7-10 Narrandera AUS AFFS Championships ABC
May 7 Andover GBR Equinox Cup ABCQ
May 12 Narrandera AUS Tui Cup of NZ ABC
May 13 Salonta ROU Salonta Cup ABCQ
May 14 Salonta ROU Szabo Miklos HungaryABCQ
May 24-26 Uralsk KAZ Kazakhstan Cup ABC
May 27-28 Nova Pazova SRB 34th Srem Cup ABCQ
Jun 2-4 Vize TUR Istanbul FF Cup ABC
Jun 3 Viborg DEN Jutland Heath Cup ABQ
Jun 9-10 Chernivtci UKR Zubr of Belarus ABC
Jun 10-11 Zrenjanin SRB Djordje Zigic ABC
Jun 10-11 Chernigiv UKR Commonwealth BLR ABC
Jun 16-18 Blagodatnoe UKR Latvia Cup ABCPQ*
Jun 17-19 Blagodatnoe UKR Black Stork Latvia ABCPQ
Jun 24-25 Wawayanda USA Skyscraper’s Annual ABCQ*
Jun 29 Rinkaby SWE Swedish Cup ABCQ
Jun 30 Rinkaby SWE Danish Cup ABCPQ
Jun 30-Jul 4 Nalchik RUS Elbrus cup ABCP
Jul 2 Rinkaby SWE Norwegian Cup ABCQ*
Jul 7-8 Chernigiv UKR 36th Antonov Cup ABCPQ
Jul 8 Mostar BIH Mostar Cup ABCQ
Jul 8-9 Chernigiv UKR Viktor Stamov Cup ABCPQ
Jul 14-15 Ulaanbaatar MGL Asian Cup ABCP
Jul 15 Tottenham CAN Canada Cup ABCQ
Jul 16 Ulaanbaatar MGL Sodnombaljir Mem Cup ABC
Jul 16 Tottenham CAN Huron Cup ABCQ*
Jul 22-23 Prilep MKD Prilep Cup ABCPQ
Aug 5 Szentes HUN Budapest Cup ABC
Aug 16-17 Noizé FRA Poitou ABCQ
Aug 25-27 Zülpich GER 48th Eifelpokal ABCQ
Aug 26 Bosanski BIH Mem. Izet Kurtalic ABC
Aug 28-30 Suzdal RUS FF Holiday Mongolia ABCP
Sep 1 Krbava CRO CRO Cup Siscia ABCQ*
Sep 1-3 Turbia POL Norbi Cup ABC
Sep 2 Korenica CRO FF CRO Cup ABC
Sep 3 Krbava CRO Mura Cup of Slovenia ABCQ
Sep 8-9 Valchitran BUL Bulgaria Cup ABCPQ
Sep 9-10 Valchitran BUL Sofia Cup ABCPQ
Sep 23 Zabokreky SVK Hogo Cup ABC*
Sep 24 Zabokreky SVK Zabrokreky Cup ABC*
Sep 30 Vsechov CZE Jihocesky Pohar ABC
Sep 30 Prilep MKD Macedonia Cup ABCPQ
Sep 30 Gölbasi TUR Anatolian FF Cup ABC
Oct 1 Prilep MKD Niksic Montenegro ABCPQ
Oct 7-8 Padule ITA Citta di Capannori ABCQ
Oct 6-9 Lost Hills USA Kotuku Cup of NZ ABCPQ
Oct 8-10 Lost Hills USA Sierra Cup ABC
Oct 20-22 Sentjernej SLO Krka Cup ABC
Oct 28-29 Mühlenthurnen SUI Eurofly ABCQ
Dec 14 Orim ISR Otzma Open ABCQP
Dec 15-16 Orim ISR Hanukkah Open ABCQP

World Cup summary F1E
Feb 11-13 Lost Hills USA Kiwi Cup of New Zealand
Feb 16-20 Lost Hills USA Max Men California
Apr 8 Oberkotzau GER Otto Kuttler Cup
Apr 9 Oberkotzau GER Föhrlberg Cup
Jun 10 Lessini ITA Trofeo Gar Rovereto
Jun 11 Lessini ITA 7th Volare Lessini
Jul 8-9 Denver USA Skyscraper’s annual
Aug 20 Turda ROU Memorial Popa Cringu
Aug 26 Turda ROU Turda Cup
Sep 1 Raçibórz POL Governors cup
Sep 2 Toszek POL Toszek Cup
Sep 3 Gliwice POL Friendship Cup of Ukraine
Sep 8 Martin SVK Swiss Cup
Sep 9 Martin SVK Martin Cup *
Sep 10 Martin SVK Nosko Memorial cup *
Sep 16 St Jean de S FRA 13th Poitou Charentes
Sep 17 St Jean de S FRA Poitou Moncontour
Sep 23 Rana CZE Kalich Cup 1
Sep 24 Rana CZE Kalich Cup 2
Oct 6-9 Lost Hills USA Kotuku Cup of New Zealand
Oct 8-10 Lost Hills USA Sierra Cup
Oct 13-14 Alekovo BUL Prista Cup
Oct 14-15 Alekovo BUL Bulgaria Cup

.003 Carbon Source
Let John Lorbieki know to check with stan buddenbohm for the .003 carbon !
Chuck Powell

F1A Models for sale
From Antony Koerbin

  1. M&K short single servo (standard section). Series 7xx timer (compatible with most RDT systems), impulse hook (with safe latch system, on line acceleration. Ikarex covered wings $700. Original M&K
  2. M&K short three servo  (standard section). Series 7xx timer (compatible with most RDT systems), impulse hook (with safe latch system, OLA) LDA covered wings $800. Original M&K.
  3. Bechasney “Black Mamba” LDA long wings and joiner – fully carbon skinned – has one very minor cosmetic repair – almost impossible to spot the repair. Offers? With tailplane as option.
  4. A pair of uncovered M&K long wings – two pins, and covered tail. Original M&K constructed ? Offers

Equipment will be able to be delivered to Lost Hills Feb Events Enquiries to me at

SEN Status
Our web site is still damaged. back issues on SEN can be found on the NFFS website link is on the center lower part of their front page.

Existing SEN subscribers can update their preferences by following the update your preferences link at the bottom of this page.

New users can sign up at  this link

Reminder :Fab Feb online entry form is available at:
It lets you sign up for all the FAI events at the Kiwi Cup, Ike Winter Classic, North American Cup, California Cup and The MaxMen International.  Held at Lost Hills from 11 to 20 February 2017.

Roger Morrell