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SEN 2225

SEN 2225 – Table of Contents

  1. SEN
  2. Roger Simpson
  3. Handicapping from John Barker
  4. Carbon for rib capping
  5. Strukov F1C folder For Sale
  6. Roger Simpson

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Roger Simpson
It is with a heavy heart that I am sending you the news that Roger passed away on Saturday, December 3rd.  I don’t have many details yet, as you can imagine, it is difficult for Ralda to talk right now.
I do know there will be a viewing and memorial service this coming Saturday, December 10th at Galbreaith Pickard Funeral Chapel, here in Weatherford.
As soon as I know the details, I will forward that information to all of you.

Please keep Ralda and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Julie E. May-Parker

Handicapping from John Barker
I am aware that handicapping is used in many pastimes.  I was a dinghy sailor for many years and acted as Officer of the Day on many occasions.  On rare occasions,  under very average conditions it may appear that the
handicaps made sense but if the weather changed to calm or windy then results could be anywhere.  I think in sailing and elsewhere that people judge themselves against others in the same handicap class.

I was aware that Saloon car racing used weight handicaps on faster cars but I did not know about the nonsense quoted as occurring at le Mans.  That is not handicapping but it may be bowing down to financial backing.

However I am not concerned with handicaps that might be used in some pastimes I am arguing that handicapping should not be considered when one is looking to reward the pinnacle of success under fixed rules.

Carbon for rib capping
From: John Lorbiecki

Looking for a supply of .003″ unidirectional carbon for rib capping. Haven’t been able to find it that thin. Or, what are people using now?
John Lorbiecki

Strukov F1C folder For Sale
For sale, Strukov F1C folder. Complete with Sidus timer face plate and direct drive Nelson. Model is unflown in this engine configuration, and is ready to trim. All that is required to fly is the Sidus timer control board and lipo. $1200usd + post.
Email Shannon tolmie at smtolmie@hotmail for pics and more details.

Shannon Tolmie

Roger Simpson
From: Fred Terzian

By way of a Facebook posting by Merry Smith, it seems we have lost Roger Simpson, a very fierce competitor in FAI and especially F1C events.
As all of you know, Roger was the driving force behind the Sierra Cup FAI contests originating around 1976 and flown for years at Waegell Field.
Those contests were extremely popular and experienced large turnouts from both U.S. and international competitors. The Waegell Sierra Cup contests experienced their largest turnouts during the Nineties, and before construction of houses diminished the northerly downwind chase.
We will miss Roger and his ever present partner on the flying field, Ralda.


Roger Morrell