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SEN 2174

Table of Contents – SEN 2174

  1. Canada Results
  2. Thinking of Hardy
  3. Under water in Louisiana
  4. Euro Champs

Canada Results 
from: Tony Mathews
Flash: Huron Cup:
F1A: Vidas Nikolajevas, Jama Danier, Peter Allnutt
F1B: Tony Mathews, Ladi Horak, Ron Felix
F1C: Yury Shvedenkov

Canada Cup:
F1A: Jama Danier, Peter Allnutt, Leslie Farkas
F1B: Tony Mathews, Ladi Horak, Aram Schlosberg
F1C: Yury Shvedenkov

Tony Mathews:  My new carbon F1B wings win both!

Our onsite reporter, Aram’s key points:
Some rain on Saturday
Some wind on Sunday
Perfect for Flyoff on Monday

Great Barbeque
Tony’s new wings fly as well as they look.
Tony’s older wings hit high tension wires with the usual spectacular result

Still thinking of Hardy …

From: Bob Beecroft
I was just thinking of Hardy yesterday.  Twenty years ago I roomed with him
at the Nats.  Very interesting week.  He was quite a guy.  Will miss him.
Bob Beecroft

Under water in Louisiana

From: Ross Jahnke
We will be having a free flight contest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this
coming weekend.
1.) All flights are ROW
2.) Motorcycles allowed on the field, boats are preferable.
For those who don’t know Ross lives in the Baton Rouge , Louisiana area that has been hit by severe flooding.  We tend to think that this is part of the USA that gets lots of rain but it appears to have rained harder in areas that were not used to it.

From FB we see that Ross and his family are doing OK but the area has major problems with many people flooded out of their homes.

Euro Champs
As we write this the results of F1A are known with

Great achievement for Roland, who had been injured and this was his first event since April.
The event had a split first flyoff with one of the fly off segments getting many more maxes.  The first second fly off list had only those maxing. This is not in accordance with the split flyoff rules that require the same number of people from each segment as long as the segment with the small number of maxes had 75% of the max.

This was rectified and the second fly off conducted in accordance with the rules.

In the F1B event there was an interruption between rounds 4 and 5 when a major rain squall crossed the site,  Fortunately the rain cleared and regular rounds were completed

As with the F1A a split fly-off was flown, again with one segment making many more maxes than the other , so most people (36 out of 40 ?) got carried over to the second flyoff.  This was flown and left just 3 people for an early morning final decider.

This is this the first major championship to be flown with the 5 round and split fly off.  There is a sense from both those on the field and around the world that the 5 rounds is too easy at that level and 7 rounds would have reduced the FO numbers.  Also the split Fly Off in both cases with significantly skewed numbers between the two segments did not seem quite right even though it is in accordance with the rules and is “fair”..

Finally Kudos to the organizer’s IT team who did a better job at putting the results on line than those at the Junior World Champs just a short while ago.

Roger Morrell