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SEN 2170

Table of Contents – SEN 2170

  1. Hardy Brodersen
  2.  Arizona F1E at Lost Hills
  3. This weekend in USA

Hardy Brodersen
From: Shailor, William
Sad news. Hardy Brodersen passed away. He was 93. He was an innovator, craftsman and gentleman. He was singularly responsible for getting Free Flight the field it needed at Muncie. He was a giant in our sport. I am proud to have called him a friend

Arizona F1E Champs in Lost Hills
From: Peter Brocks
On Sept. 30 the Arizona F1E Championship will be held on Holloway Hill, Lost Hills. This event for FAI freeflight slope soaring gliders, also called “magnet gliders”, is the first contest of the Lost Hills “Endless October” which this year includes the Kotuku World Cup, the Sierra World Cup and then the F1ABC Team Finals. The AZ F1E Champs start on Friday, Sept. 30 at 10am and will be flown in 5 one-hour rounds. It is an America’s Cup contest. The CD is Peter Brocks.

This weekend is National Model Aviation Day in the USA
And SCAT will be holding one of the summer Black Cup events at Perris starting at 7 AM until 11 AM. If you are a Southern California flyer and did not get a notice with more details, let us know.
Roger Morrell