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SEN 2165

Table of Contents – SEN 2165

  1. JWC B Flash
  2. Report from the flight line
  3. Some comments for FAI Free Flight European and World Championships (Ismet Yurtseven)
  4. “A” Team correction

JWC “B” Flash

4 made the 2 evening flyoffs
10 mins in the AM
Dvorak – Czech Republic
Lipski – Poland
Gostic – Serbia
Merzuakov – Ukraine

Report from the flight line 
by Jim Parker USA TM

Rnd 1 all 240 sec max. Calmer than yesterday,  more like practice and Prelip Cup
Rnd 2, Sevac max, Troy dropped 14 sec, he had good launch climb, looked to be sure max but started dropping at 90 sec, flap team worked hard but still short. Jace had front end problem and had to.go to 2nd model, launched with 6 min left in round for good thermal and max
Rnd 3 Sevac went quickly, max, wind shift, Troy waits 30 min, wind does not go to ‘ normal’ direction, misses light lift for about 130 seconds. Jace causing TM and mom high heart beat. Thought had front end fixed but problem required backup model. Launched in the last min for max.
Many drops, still in hunt for team placing.

later ..

F1B report 2
Heart break. Our young flyers now understand all the stories of “Never happened until the Final or WC or.
Rnd 4, all maxes but not without excitement.  Sevac broke a motor at the lone, he reloaded and got max. Jace had problem with front end again at the line so flew his second model to a max.

Rnd 5…Guys pick great air for Sevac. Great launch, 25 second into beautiful climb the model power stalled. Still high but stall took out of thermal and try as it may, could not get back in, dropped 14 second. Ditto on air and launch for Jace, all thought he made the FO,odel did a left turn, the prop hub so.e how got slightly out causing the blades not to fold tight,  dropped 48 sec. Troy maxef.

Est only 8 maxed out. Unofficial USA team 2nd by 3 seconds to Russia.

We’re  meeting for pizza now before the F1B FO.

F1P  change from pushished, (Jim has meant to say published but it looks like his phone auto corrected, more or less, I thought it looked too close to punished so not appropriate to fix)  F1P FIA did not change F1P to 5 rounds with  4 min 1st  and 5th round so will be doing 7, 3 minute maxes tommorrow.
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Some comments for FAI Free Flight European and World Championships (Ismet Yurtseven)

From:Ismet Yurtseven
Some comments for FAI Free Flight European and World Championships (Ismet Yurtseven)
First comment:
I like to participate in free flight competitions. Since 1999, I was in many world cups, European and World Championships. To participate in this competitions, the competitors, team managers and helpers are spending time, money and very big effort.
The organizers should respect to the participants and try to do their best. Unfortunately, organization and management of some of the big events were too weak. The quality level of these contests were even lower than an average world cup organization.
For EC and WC, there should be a minimum standard check list of the rules that the organizer should strictly obey.
For each EC and WC, the organizers are trying to prepare a new web site. Some are too weak (for example 2014 EC – Romania), some are better. In my opinion, there should be a one generic standard web site approved and authorized by the FAI free flight subcommittee. Contest organizers should strictly use this web site. Official bulletins, participants, weather forecast, information about the region and all other information should be provided in a standard way. Live results, photos and videos should be a part of this web. There should be a competition report area prepared by the jury and some other assigned people (for example, I remember the perfect reports of Mr. Martin Dilly). There should also be a discussion blog open to participants. Today, it is not difficult to design and develop such a system infrastructure. It is not difficult and expensive. If the organizer is not using the web site effectively, then there should be a kind of penalization (for example, applying some monetary penalty).
I believe that, this web site will also help to keep the history of the free flight championships.

Second comment:
Last year, I suggested that each complete team for EC and WC should have the right to bring a fourth participant who is a junior flier. There should not be an entry fee for this junior and his points will not be counted in the team result. However, he/she can be an individual winner. There will not be any major additional cost of this fourth flier to the organizers (except the gift of the organizers which I believe is not so expensive). Junior fliers are getting very successful results. Unfortunately, after some years, most of them are disappearing from free flight fields. I believe that participating to EC and WC will motivate them to continue to be a part of the free flight society. I think, the next WC at Hungary is the best opportunity to start this rule.
Respectfully yours,
Ismet Yurtseven

“A” Team Correction ?
From: Tapio Linkosalo on FB

F1A results are now published on the web site, but there is an error in the team placings. Russia is missing the score of one flier, and they should be on third position (5 seconds ahead of Finland).

Roger Morrell