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SEN 2153

Table of Contents – SEN 2153

  1. Scandanavian FF Week
  2. Skscrapers Corrected
  3. Walston Type Radios
  4. Almost Perfect Rubber for sale

Swedish Free-Flight Week
From: Bernhard Schwendemann
Hello Roger,
here some pictures from the Swedish free-flight week, mainly from the small
classes and the second fly-off of the Swedish cup + prizegiving:
Here the results of all four competitions:

Best regards

Skyscraper – Corrected
From: Andrew Barron
Dear Free Flight Fliers,
CD Dave Acton has clarified that there will be P-30 (on Saturday). The
Skyscraper Annual (July 9,10) at Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY, will have
the following schedule of FAI, AMA, and NFFS events. I hope many of you
will be there to enjoy. Thermals, Andrew

Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10.

SATURDAY July 9, starting at 9:30am the events are:

F1G, F1H, F1J, F1Q (in one hour rounds starting at 9:30am).

P-30, E36, Hand Launch Glider, Classic Towline Glider, Classic & Nostalgia

SUNDAY July 10, starting at 7:30am the events are:

F1A, F1B, F1C (in seven one hour rounds starting at 7:30am, with first
round max of 240 seconds and subsequent round maxes of 180 seconds).

F1S (in five one hour rounds starting at 7:30am).

Dawn Unlimited (7am), Electric B, Catapult Glider, Pee Wee 30, 1/4 A
Nostalgia & .020 Replica Gas.

Walston Type Radios

From: Allen Ulm
ROGER….Walston type trackers are available thru Merlin Systems located in
Idaho.  They are very well made, and can be made your frequency. As a plus,
they are better made than Walstons, and cheper….Allen Ulm.

“Almost Perfect Rubber for sale ”

Since starting flying F1B in 2005, I’ve accumulated many FAI factory rubber boxes over the time. Some of the vintages are excellent and are used for contest flying and flyoffs. The rest is good rubber that I doubt if I will ever use. They also occupy storage space. All are in factory boxes, some broken into segments. (Segments have factory markings at both ends and are made from a single mixing.) The rubber has been stored in cool conditions.

The stock consists of June ’06 (3/32), June ’09 (1/8), a small amount of April ’12 (1/8) considered fragile, June ’13 (3/32) and July ‘15 (1/8).

A fair price will be $10 per pound for any generic rubber (3/32 and 1/8”) with a minimum order of 5 pounds. $13 for a specific vintage or a smaller quantity. Shipping and any other expenses will be covered by the buyer.


Roger Morrell