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SEN 2150

Table of Contents – SEN 2150

  1. W & O Results
  2. Help still needed for the Nats
  3. Huron Cup and Canada Cup Postponed
  4. Winder 4 sale

 Wilbur & Orville Results
From: Oliver Cai
This year’s W&O Summer Meet was held June 11-12, 2016. AMA Sanction 1508. Unfortunately, incredibly windy weather on both days cut the contest short and limited the number of participants. Average speeds were around 12-15mph with even higher gusts, making the air quite turbulent. However, those who did manage to squeak in flights put up arduous effort and pulled off some beautiful maxes. In F1A, we have Andrew Barron the only flier to put in all five rounds to win the contest. Despite suspending F1A on the first day, we completed the remaining three rounds the next day. The later half of the day would’ve been far worse for the mini events, with no one wanting to risk their models. Similarly in F1B, Tom Vaccaro was the only to put in all five rounds with a max out and got some spectacular thermals despite the conditions. F1S was a close battle with Dick Ivers taking first with a max out. Thankfully, everyone’s models landed on the field with the reduced maxes.

1. Andrew Barron    180 150 150 142 104  726
2. Peter Barron     137 081 150 150 DNF  518
3. Robert Sifleet   180 DNF DNF DNF DNF  180
3. Joel Yori        180 DNF DNF DNF DNF  180
5. Oliver Cai       131 DNF DNF DNF DNF  131

1. Tom Vaccaro      180 150 120 120 120  690
2. Carrol Allen     180 150 093 DNF DNF  423
3. John Clapp       156 150 DNF DNF DNF  306
4. Aram Schlosberg  180 DNF DNF DNF DNF  180
5. Ohad Weisfelner  160 DNF DNF DNF DNF  160

1. Dick Ivers       120 120 120 120 120  600
2. Drake Hooke      120 120 044 120 120  524

Help Still Needed at the Nationals.
Thanks to all who have offered to help me run the Nationals this year.

The competition runs from 25 July through 29 at the National field in Muncie, Indiana. If you are going to the Nationals and can offer help for part of a day or a full day, it will be a big help.

Here is a list of specific needs.
F1C event director (27 July)
F1B event director (28 July)
processors and scorekeepers (27-29 July)

If you can help, please contact me by email ( or cell phone (818-489-5039)

Ed Carroll

Huron Cup and Canada Cup Postponed
From: Leslie Farkas
Dear Friends,

Because the bad forecast for July 2nd. and 3rd. regrettably I have to inform you that the above contests are postponed. They are re-scheduled and will be held as published on July July 9th and 10th 2016.

Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact me or Tony Mathews at your convenience.

Thank you for your understanding and sending my best regards,

Coup, P-30 Gollywock winder with Rex Henson Torque meter
From:John Clapp

For sale: One winder with torque meter. “T’ hand converted Millers Falls
drill 4:1 ratio.

Has wound many winning flights. Good condition. $100 Available at Nats, or
Lost Hills.

Advise John Clapp

Roger Morrell