National Free Flight Society

SEN 2147

Table of Contents – SEN 2147

  1. Reminder Section
  2. USA Nats
  3. Sympo Patrons
  4. Denver World Cups
  5. SCAT Black Cup
  6. Rubber Winding
  7. FB rubber windinghelper
  8. USA F1E Finals

Reminder section

USA Nats reminder
From: John Lorbiecki

To all my free flight friends…you have sent in your entry forms for both the indoor and outdoor nats, right? Well I haven’t and am doing it today!

Symposium Patrons Deadline
If you want to be a 2016 NFFS Syposium Patron, the time to get your money in the mail is soon approaching. The June deadline is just around the corner. All NFFS members were mailed a patron letter, and a copy of the form can be found in the last issue of Freeflight magazine.
Thanks for your support,
Bob Stalick, 2016 NFFS Patron Program Chairman

Denver World Cup Plus other stuff
From: Jerry Murphy

Just a reminder that the deadline to receive the reduced entry fee is June 30.  The best deal is the $50 fly everything price.
For those who wish to fly a single FAI class the early entry fee is just $25 for both days of competition.

The field is in super condition after a wet winter and spring.
Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

SCAT Black Cup
This Saturday
at Perris
Start 7 AM
Finish Noon
What – all FAI FF Classes
CD – The Leeper
Weather – Great
Politics – None

Rubber Section

Re: rubber winding
From: Klaus Salzer

Since design, engineering and building have been mostly replaced by buying, why not replacing the bother of rubber preparation and winding by pre-prepared (bought) motors and automatic (bought, too) rubber winding?
Klaus W. Salzer

More on the rubber winding helper from FB

Aram Schlosberg: What is important for extracting energy from a wound rubber motor? My candidates are: (A) Winding technique – about 2%. Of course the loss would be larger in a poor wind with many fists/strawberries (aka as rubber lumps). (B) Selection of rubber – about 10%. For example – does one make motors sequentially out of a box and occasionally find a splice in the middle of a motor? or does one divide a rubber box into segments and estimates the energy of sample motors on the bench by linear and/or winding tests s well as in actual flying with an altimeter. (C) Hand turns – about 5%. The hand turns are adding high marginal energy where the rubber’s discharge curve is very steep. In fact, one can measure the actual torque in the model with a modified Wilder torque meter or similar devices. The percentages are guesstimates, implying the relative importance among the three categories in my opinion.

Bernard Guest: The average flyer gets to about. 95 meters consistently. The best get to 130 meters. That is about a 25% difference. How much of that is in the selection and winding of motors and how much in the trim and launch?

Aram Schlosberg: Agree. The launch, a model’s trim as well as the air vertical flows (up and down) also matter.

Roger Morrell: So, CHE you got a comment from Aram that is in-line with Ismail and some comments on SEN – Which is that provided you do a reasonable job winding and your model is trimmed , the choice of Rubber and Thermals more important so an investment (timer and/or money) in Thermal detection and Rubber testing would bring a bigger return to the Scottish (or an other for that matter) F1B Team.

Tony Mathews
: There’s a Scottish F1B team?

Ismail Sarioglu: As far as I know, there WAS one indeed. Michael Woodhouse you should be expert on this

Roger Morrell: Tony Mathews I may have inadvertently revealed part of the plan for world domination dreamed up by the Jordanlaw chickens. This is a somewhat roundabout way of saying CHE and the Haggis were looking for what to include in their upcoming F1B program to achieve global success

Tony Mathews: Aha!!!!! Now I see it!  🙂

Michael Woodhouse: Titter yea not! T’was in fact once upon a time a Scottish team an English team plus an Irish team. Back in the whenever there was the annual UK team challenge contest. The last was in 1962 and I flew and messed up in glider but the English won. I’ve just realised on that basis I’ve had team places for over 50 years! God I now feel old and best I have another beer.

USA F1E Team Selection Finals

From: Jerry Murphy

Just a reminder that the deadline to enter the MMM 14 round contest at the early entry rate is June 30.  The best deal is the $50 fly everything price.
There is an error in the description of the F1E schedule in the event flyer.  Please excuse my poor proof reading but the event will be flown 5 rounds on Thursday July 7 for the Tui Cup and again on Friday July 8 for the Centennial Cup.  These two events will be combined for the team selection.The site will be open for practice on Wednesday July 6.
Jerry Murphy

Roger Morrell