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  1. David Lacey
  2. Further on  World cup SZABO

Dave Lacey
From: Aram Schlosberg
Dave Lacey died this weekend from a heart attack at his home in Virginia. No funeral services will be held.

Dave was an outstanding aeronautic engineer and a keen free flighter, flying F1B and later F1Q. He proved that delayed prop release in F1B is ineffective. Dave was a Symposium editor and wrote a number Sympo articles analyzing power models and their evolution. Recently he published in FFQ an analysis of different F1C models, showing that the difference in performance among  folders, flappers and conventional F1Cs is mostly attributed to their glide. Dave’s greatest contribution, in my opinion, is coming up with the idea of energy for F1Q, where all models are granted the same energy (Watt-second or Joules) per gram.

We just lost an outstanding member of our community.


His obituary below:

Further on  World cup SZABO

From: Jean-Pïerre CHALLINE

I just provide clarification on the fly off when Szabo cup. The organizer had decided the end of the competition after the fly off 10 minutes to classify the remaining 11 competitors in the first place. Certain competitors were after the models that were very far are gone to recover. Meantime the organizer due to intervention of other competitors reversed his decision, “he organized a second fly off” without the four sportsmen who were still  recovering their models.

This is unsporting, this competition should not be taken into account in the ranking world cup.

Jean Pierre CHALLINE

[Editors note – the message has been edited slightly to clarify the English. The original message was also sent to the World Cup Coordinator]
Roger Morrell