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SEN 2138

SEN 2138 – Table of Contents

  1. Whoops
  2. SCAT Black Cup
  3. Szabo Miklos F1A FO

Whoops – Sorry Mr Hatschek

We stand corrected …

From: Alan Abriss

Hello all please be advised that this is the correct way to spell Hatschek.

Thank you,

The Management

SCAT BLACK CUP Fun Fly FAI combo Contests

June 18, 2016 –  SCAT Black Cup, FAI Combined, Perris CA,  record trial, CD Lee Hines

July 2, 2016 -SCAT Black Cup, FAI Combined, Perris CA,  record trial, CD Bill Booth

August 13, 2016 – SCAT Black Cup, FAI Combined, Perris CA,  record trial, CD Jim Parker

Followed by:
SCAT Pool Party, Parker’s-25018 Wintergreen Court, Stevenson Ranch (Valencia/Newhall) CA,
Starts at 2:00pm  and will go to 8:00pm. Open to all Free Flighters, RSVP by Aug. 9 <> SCAT to provide main course, guest to bring: chips-dip or beverage or dessert.

September 3,20163 – SCAT Black Cup, FAI Combined, Lost Hills CA,  record trial, CD Roger Morrell

Event Restrictions:
Free Flight FAI  Combo Fun Fly . 7 flights, Standard regular round max times. 2 min max prorated to 3 min.
Tie breaker is first to finish flights.
$5 entry for as many events as you want to fly.
7am to Noon.
Sunday set as a reserve day.

Single perpetual “Black Cup” awarded.
Perris GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 33.78000, -117.20000
Lost Hills: GPS Coordinates (Lat/Long): 35.6648, -119.7981

150 F1A-A2 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
151 F1B Wakefield – Event Classes: (JSO)
152 F1C Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
153 F1G Coupe d’Hiver – Event Classes: (JSO)
154 F1H-A1 Glider – Event Classes: (JSO)
155 F1J 1/2 A Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
156 F1K CO2 – Event Classes: (JSO)
158 F1P Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
159 F1Q Electric Power – Event Classes: (JSO)
1xx F1S Electric – Event Classes: (JSO)

My F1A Fly off at the Szabo Miklos memorial competition 

The organizer decided to fly with a 10 minutes max, the round is scheduled from  20.20 to 20.30.

I start at the beginning of the round, there is a big thermal and wind, I do the 10 minutes, my model is at 2 km and behind the river. As my model is far away, I go and see the organizer and ask when was going to be the next fly-off, my spare model is ready to fly.

The organizer answered that it was too late to make another fly-off and that the contest was finished and the first place would be shared between all the people who made the 10 minutes.

I packed my spare model and left to retrieve my model, it is 20.40

What a surprise when I come back, it is 21.15 , I hear that a second fly-off has been made by 7 competitors (we were 11 to have done the 10 minutes). They decided (Who ?) to do a vote with some competitors, those who flew at the end of the 10 minutes fly-off round : the wind had turned and decreased. I think the organizer was greatly influenced by one competitor. During the vote, one competitor did not want the new fly-off (there were approximately 6 ?)

I asked explanations to the organizer who simply said : « excuse me ».

I think that the second fly-off is not valid, the rule is not enforced : no starting position, no information, decision taken after having said that the contest was finished.

I was very angry, what does the jury do ? Where is the fair play ?

I fly Free Flight since a long time, it is a way to forget the life problems with joy, tears, victories, disappointments. This Sunday that was not the Free Flight spirit !!!! For me it is not possible to write a name on the Szabo Miklos trophy.

Bernard Trachez
Roger Morrell