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SEN 2137

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  1. Bob Hatchek International Challenege
  2. MMM World Cups Update

Hatchek International Challenge May 21-22, event update
From:  Andrew Barron

[Updated notice to include F1S on Sunday morning; meanwhile E-36 is

Dear Free Flight Friends,

CD Dave Acton has asked me to pass along specifics for the Hatchek
International Challenge held Saturday and Sunday May 21-22 for FAI, AMA,
and NFFS events, at Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY.  See for directions to the site and list of some hotels.
The field is located near the intersection of Orange County Route 12 and
Gardnerville Road in New Hampton, Wawayanda, NY.  From Route 12, turn onto
the farm road at the large grain silo.

SATURDAY May 21, starting at 9:30am the events are:

F1G, F1H, F1J, F1Q (in one hour rounds starting at 9:30am).

E36, Hand Launch Glider, Classic Towline Glider, Classic & Nostalgia Gas

SUNDAY May 22, starting at 7:30am the events are:

F1A, F1B, F1C (in seven one hour rounds starting at 7:30am, with first
round max of 240 seconds and subsequent round maxes of 180 seconds).

F1S (in five one hour rounds starting at 7:30am).

Dawn Unlimited (7am), Electric B, Catapult Glider, Pee Wee 30, 1/4 A
Nostalgia & .020 Replica Gas.

Magnificent Mountain Men dual World Cup Competition update

Hello FAI Sportsmen,

The attached file is a revised flyer for this year’s MMM 14 round FAI contest July 9 and 10 in Denver.
The revision is a change in address for advanced entries.  Marc Sisk had to step aside as the registrar and Mel Gray has
taken on that responsibility. His address is 16255 Gold Creek Dr.  Monument CO 80123.

I hope this change is not a problem for you.  We are looking forward to seeing you on our outstanding field for
your chance to fly in two world cup events under the blue Colorado sky.


Jerry Murphy
9 Via Escondido Valle
Manitou Springs, CO

The Magnificent Mountain Men 14-Round FAI meet is the toughest
contest in North America. Within the 14-R are the Centennial
and Tui Cups, separate 7-round competitions for America’s and
World Cup points. The traditional MMM silver perpetual trophies
and Blue Jackets will be awarded based on the sum of competitors’
performances in both meets. Blue Jackets can only earned by flying
a perfect 14 180-second maxes over the two days in F1A, B, C, P, or
Q. Perpetual Cups as well for two-day total scores in F1G, H, J, S.

July 9 (Saturday) – 7 rounds of Centennial Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C/P,
and F1Q, plus 5 rounds of F1G, F1H, F1J, F1S.

July 10 (Sunday) – 7 rounds of Tui Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C/P
and F1Q, plus 5 rounds of F1G, F1H, F1J, F1S.

Flying Site: Lowry Range in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Entrance near interesection of Watkins Road and Quincy Ave. Email for map and lock combination.
World Cup: Competitors flying to earn World Cup pointsmust have a valid FAI Sporting License. All non-permanent resident U.S.A. or Canadian competitorsmust have (or
may purchase on the field for $28) an AMA Associate License.

F1E rounds schedule: 9:00 a.m. first round start. Meet at bottom of the hill at 8:00 a.m. for shuttling.
Contest Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., weather dependent. Flyoffs 5:30 p.m. each day.

Rounds schedule: First five rounds each day, Saturday and Sunday, are 90 minutes, not overlapping, to accomodate mini events. Final two rounds each day 60 minutes.
Banquet: Check the MMM website for date, time, and location. .

Accommodations: Check the MMM website for hotel details. Primitive RV and tent camping is allowed on the site for a flat fee of $25 (as per the Colorado State Land
Board). No hookups are provided. No dumping is allowed. There is a Porta-Potty on site.
NOTE: All Juniors, and past World Champions shall pay no entry fees!

For more information contact: Jerry Murphy, 719-685-3766

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ——————————————- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Detach, fill out, and send to: Mel Gray, 16255 Gold Creek Dr. Monument CO 80123 USA
Name _______________________________ Country _____________AMA # _______________ FAI # _______________ Fee enclosed ________________ Entry fees: $35 per FAI WC event, and $15 per mini-FAI/AMA/NFFS/SAM event. $55 maximum. Check payable to MMM, or use PayPal (see PayPal
instructions on MMM website). If using PayPal we still need an entry form mailed or emailed. Entries received on or before 7/1/16 shall
be $25 per World Cup event, and $10 per Mini-FAI/AMA/NFFS/SAM event. $50 maximum for unlimited events. Circle events entered:
Centennial Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1E, F1G, F1H, F1J, F1P, F1Q, F1S.Tui Cup: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1E, F1G, F1H, F1J, F1P, F1Q, F1S.Glider:HLG, CLG,
Classic Towline.Rubber: P-30, OT Rub. Combo, Sm. /Lg. Nos Rubber Combo, Mulv/Moffett. Electric: E-36, AMA A, AMA B, 1/2A E-Nos, ABC E-Nos.
AMA Gas: 1/2A, A, B, C, D, 1/2A Classic, AB Classic, CD Classic.Nostalgia Gas: 1/4A, Early 1/2A, 1/2A, A, B, C, Slow Open Power.

Roger Morrell