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SEN 2128

Table of Contents – SEN 2128

  1. Big Numbers
  2. Airtek Address Change
  3. Numbers thoughts
  4. Model Identification
  5. Port or Starboard
  6. Spam on FF groups on FB

Big Numbers ?

From: Stan Buddenbohm

_AMA Rule change OFF 17-2

_I do not like this proposal. I was happy when the old AMA number requirements disappeared. Why force us to put tall numbers on our models?
Can anyone think of a time when 1/4″ tall numbers would not have worked?

Airtek Address Change

From: Ken Bauer

My old email address has been shut down. Please note my
new address: and use for all Airtek RDT orders and
personal contact.

Thanks, Ken

Numbers Thoughts

Regarding your AMA number on the right wing. It does some good things
bringing back the requirement.
* It aids in complying with the new FAA rulings, just in case.
* With the sans BOM rule, it promotes using your model, re-identified
with your number requires the flyer to take ownership of the model. Plus
it does sort of keep away the owner of the model from two contestants
flying the same model at a contest, which could be blatant.
* I’ve had lost models found by contact to the AMA from a finder
calling the AMA with the number.
* Marking your name and contact info? I use those vinyl mailing
stickers all over my models and every part… tie down bands have been know to
rot. I had my F1A stab returned and eventually found the model because of
it! This is good sense for the flyer but as an AMA requirement it
probably reinforces the “ownership of the model rule(?).”
* Scale models? It does suggest exemption, but the way FF scale
models fly anymore, it is still a good idea to put contact info on them!
Another suggestion might be to use your AMA number instead of the modeled
aircraft registration numbers and still not be degraded for fidelity. but
that’s a different proposal yet to be submitted. Any scale modelers wanting to
put it forward?

Rick Pangell – NFFS Central VP
Editor of “The Max-Out” Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

Model Identification Rule

From: Charles Markos

Up to now, I haven’t paid attention to the AMA FF rules change proposals.
However, one of the questions asked by Ross is if there is significant
evidence of non-compliance. The answer is emphatically yes. The rule
prior to the one currently in the AMA manual allowed “loaning” or “sale” of
models on the field among contestants. I have seen aircraft with the
original owner’s registration numbers taped over and then replaced by the
new owner’s number after the contest was well underway. That was
particularly troublesome for FAI competitions where the aircraft owned by
one person are to be declared at the start of the contest. That implies
that no exchange would be allowed. Note that the proposal allows return
to “loaning” implicitly declared aircraft. I find that the proposal
weakens the intent of the current rule. As to location on the right wing
surface, the FAI rules at the time did not have a specification. Does it

Chuck Markos

Port or Starboard?
From: John Barker

AMA Rule Change
When the AMA say they want the number on the Right wing do they mean the
Correct wing? It would be much clearer if they stated either the Port or
the Starboard wing and would make us much more confidence in their ability
to legislate on technical aeronautical matters.
John Barker – England.

FB related spam in FF groups
Recently a number of Free Flight friends on FB appeared to post on some of the FF groups some virus infected spam. They also sent FB messages with a pseudo Video HTML attachment that contained a virus.

Here are a couple of suggestions from the F1B group …

From Ismail Sarioglu For effected friends,
The obvious first move should be scanning their PC / GSM with an up to date AntiVirus program. I recommend Kaspersky, but many others are also OK. Done with this, the next step should be changing their Facebook password. If they can not login to FB anymore, they can use the FB help guide, how to recover a stolen account. A last way is to open a new Facebook account an let us know over a “clean” friend smile emoticon

From Tapio Linkosalo My local newspaper had an article on this virus, spreading fast. The instructions they gave were:
1) Remove all the spam posts from your FB wall,
2) Change your FB password,
3) if you have read FB on a computer, do a virus scan.

When infected, clicking the virus video file will take you to a page where they say that your computer is infected and you should run the scanner behind a given link to remove. DO NOT! That link will only install a trojan software onto your computer, which is the aim the spammers are working for!

Roger Morrell