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SEN 2127

Table of Contents – SEN 2127

  1. AMA Rule Change
  2. Bear
  3. Moose
  4. SCAT Annual corrections
  5. Model Asset Database

AMA Rule change OFF 17-2

From: Ross Jahnke

The AMA rule proposal, OFF 17-2, requiring AMA numbers seems both obvious
but not well conceived. This was my response to my district representative
on the subject.

What is the rationale? Is there significant evidence of non-compliance?
Isn’t there already a rule about AMA number size and location? Why the
right hand wing only? What about scale models and indoor models?
Superficially, exempting rotary wing models seems logical, but who can read
an AMA number when the model is in flight anyway? Its when its at rest that
the number needs to be legible. I put my name, cell phone and e-mail on my
models. You’re much more likely to get your model back if they can call you
while you’re still at the field, the address is useless information.

This would be my recommendation for an amended proposal:

“Require AMA number on the top of the wing and and owners name and contact
information on the exterior of all outdoor FF models. Exception – scale