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SEN 2118

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  1. Top Dude Award
  2. What’s Current tracker tech ?
  3. Wood Meter available

Top Dude Award
Every year at the Fab Feb we have the Top Dude Awards for those who do best overall the 3 World Cup events. Previously we used a modified World Cup scoring system. This year we used the World Cup scoring straight, thanks to Ian Kaynes for doing the calculations! We did consider an alternative calculation scheme in an imaginary conversation with Chris Edge (listen to anything EoB says, especially when Mike Fantham is around) and Aram Schlosberg (see Aram’s alternate Am Cup scoring proposal) but abandoned these in the interest of simplicity, see concepts without proof below.

Roland Koglot – F1A
Walt Ghio – F1B
Roy Summserby – F1C
Ian Kaynes – F1Q
Bob Sifleet- F1E

Looking at results the overall Top Dude has to be Roy Summersby as he won all 3 events in his class. Roy benefitted from a smaller field, but no one said Top Dude was fair. Both the F1A and F1B there were tough fields with many former World Champs and World Cup winners. So a strong performance by both Roland and Walt. Home field advantage to Walt, but again who said it was fair. In Q Shmulik had pretty hi-tech airplane but FFTSC Chairman Kaynes showed that the thermal does not know how much you paid for your airplane and Ian took top spot. The Andrist brothers brought a lot of youthful enthusiasm and vigor to the Feb Feb events and it was Dominik’s turn in F1E but Bob Sifleet showed that age and cunning beats youth and vigor, even in F1E.

1 Roland Koglot SLO 135 MM-1 NA-2 KW-3
2 Sergey Makarov RUS 110 MM-2 NA-3 KW-4
3 Ivan Bezak SVK 101 NA-1 MM-7 KW-7
4 Per Findahl SWE 75 KW-2 NA-6 MM-21
5 Jama Danier CAN 72 KW-1 MM-12
6 Avner Studnik ISR 64 NA-4 KW-10 MM-14
7 Mikhail Kochkarev RUS 56 MM-5 NA-8 KW-18
8 Brian Van Nest USA 53 MM-8 KW-13 NA-14
9 Ken Bauer USA 51 MM-6 NA-11 KW-19
10 Anders Persson SWE 46 NA-10 KW-14 MM-17
11 Jes Nyhegn DEN 45 KW-12 MM-13 NA-16
12 Nir Shitrit ISR 45 NA-5 KW-9
13 Borislav Bardarov BUL 43 NA-7 KW-8
14 Rene Limberger USA 38 KW-5 NA-21 MM-22
15 Christian Andrist SUI 35 MM-3
16 Frederic Aberlenc FRA 35 MM-4 NA-23
17 Stefan Rumpp GER 33 MM-9 KW-17
18 Phil Mitchell AUS 30 NA-9 MM-19
19 Enes Pecenkovic BIH 28 MM-11 NA-18
20 Aviv Balassiano ISR 28 KW-6 MM-24
21 Jim Parker USA 28 NA-14 KW-16
22 Saar Isakov ISR 26 MM-18 NA-17 KW-24
23 Robert Lesko CRO 24 NA-13 KW-20
24 Antony Koerbin NZL 22 KW-11 MM-24
25 Shmulik Sitton ISR 22 KW-15 NA-20
26 Bernard Trachez FRA 19 MM-10
27 Vasil Beschasnyi UKR 19 MM-16 KW-22
28 Javier Abad ESP 17 NA-19 MM-20
29 Max Chekotin RUS 17 NA-12
30 Andrew Barron USA 15 MM-14
31 Pierre Brun USA 7 KW-21
32 Chris Edge GBR 6 NA-22
33 Mitsunobu Wada JPN 5 MM-23
34 Mati Moskoviz ISR 5 KW-23
35 Mike Mckeever USA 4 NA-24

1 Walt Ghio USA 118 MM-1 NA-3 KW-4
2 Alexander Andriukov USA 91 KW-1 MM-7 NA-13
3 Oleg Kulakovsky UKR 67 NA-1 KW-20 MM-23
4 Hong Lu CHN 64 MM-2 NA-10
5 Martin Schroedter USA 61 KW-3 MM-11 NA-19
6 Russell Peers GBR 58 MM-3 NA-6
7 Tony Mathews CAN 58 KW-2 MM-15
8 Stepan Stefanchuk UKR 57 MM-5 KW-9 NA-15
9 Ron Felix USA 55 NA-2 KW-17
10 Omri Sirkis ISR 50 NA-8 KW-8 MM-20
11 Igor Vivchar UKR 47 MM-6 KW-6
12 Anatoliy Rybchenkov RUS 46 NA-4 KW-18 MM-21
13 Dag Edvard Larsen NOR 43 MM-10 NA-12 KW-19
14 Aram Schlosberg USA 42 NA-7 MM-9
15 Tor Bortne NOR 37 KW-11 MM-18 NA-18
16 Blake Jensen USA 31 NA-11 KW-15
17 George Batiuk, GER 30 MM-4
18 Evgeny Gorban UKR 30 MM-16 NA-16 KW-22
19 Craig Hemsworth AUS 27 KW-12 MM-17
20 Paul Crowley, USA 26 KW-7 NA-23
21 Michael Seifert GER 24 NA-5
22 Charlie Jones USA 24 KW-5
23 Michael Woolner GBR 21 MM-8
24 Ladislav Horak CAN 21 KW-16 MM-22 NA-24
25 Jean Luc Bodin FRA 20 NA-17 MM-19
26 Tom Ioerger USA 20 NA-9
27 Tetsuro Matsuo JPN 18 NA-14 KW-23
28 Cameron Ackerley CAN 18 KW-10
29 Roger Morell NZL 17 MM-12
30 Mitsuyasu Nakata JPN 16 MM-13
31 Vegar Nereng NOR 15 MM-14
32 Vin Morgan AUS 15 KW-13
33 William Booth USA 14 KW-14
34 Hakan Broberg SWE 9 NA-19
35 Richard Maccleery USA 7 NA-21
36 Michael Richardson USA 6 KW-21
37 Jurii Blazevich UKR 5 NA-22
38 Ismet Yurtseven TUR 4 MM-24
39 Anastasia Vivchar UKR 3 KW-24


1 Roy Summersby AUS 157 MM-1 NA-1 KW-1
2 Artem Babenko UKR 127 MM-2 NA-2 KW-2
3 Larissa Savukhina RUS 79 KW-3 MM-4 NA-6
4 Richard Mathis USA 65 KW-4 MM-7 NA-8
5 Faust Parker USA 55 MM-3 NA-5
6 Alan Jack GBR 48 NA-4 KW-5
7 Ken Faux GBR 40 KW-5 NA-7
8 Reinhard Truppe AUT 32 NA-3
9 Mike Roberts USA 22 MM-5
9 Gauthier Briere FRA 22 MM-5
11 Don Chesson USA 19 MM-8
12 Ron Mcburnett USA 19 KW-7
13 Gilbert Morris USA 18 KW-8
14 Mike Lester GBR 17 MM-9


1 Ian Kaynes GBR 131 KW-1 MM-2 NA-2
2 Jack Murphy USA 105 NA-1 MM-3 KW-4
3 Shmulik Sitton ISR 92 MM-1 KW-2
4 Dick Ivers USA 30 KW-3


 1 Bob Sifleet USA 81 KE-1 CA-3
2 Dominik Andrist SUI 80 KE-2 CA-2
3 Ian Kaynes GBR 71 CA-1 KE-5
4 Christian Andrist SUI 55 KE-3 CA-4
5 Peter Brocks USA 45 KE-4 CA-5
6 Eugeny Gorban UKR 19 CA-6

Not fair, so the alternate idea was should we modify the score by the number of World Champs or World Cup winners they beat? Or a bonus for the distance traveled, or penalty for the size of the on field entourage, or an even bigger penalty for each comment the off-field entourage makes on Facebook. How do we fiddle the numbers if they retrieved on a motor bike? Or an ATV? Or a bike? Or on foot? Or maybe their wife or daughter chased the models? Did the model have a tracker? flasher or GPS ? What about the size of the binos the timekeeper used? That’s all too tough, let’s just use the World Cup scoring, everyone understands that, well almost everyone…..

What’s Current in Tracker Tech ?


Looking for a Finder/Tracker for F1C
Do you know who is making now these devices..?
Friend from Argentina is looking for one,


Wood-Meter available
From: Pete Reinhart

I am having to retire from active competition.
I have one of Dick Wood’s graphic thermal detectors I would like to find a new home for.
I understand he is not making them any more.
I am asking if you would post this in the next SCAT for me.

Rarely available “Wood Machine” graphic thermal detector $500.00 incl. shipping Cont. US.
If you know what this is, you know why you want one.
Pete Reinhart

Roger Morrell