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SEN 2107

Table of Contents – SEN 2107

  1. F1C Fuel @ Lost Hills
  2. BBT Timer
  3. Lost Hills junior building session

F1C Fuel at Lost Hills

Bill Booth has some F1C fuel identical to that to be used for the Maxmen for sale at his cost. Contact Bill at Lost Hills

BBT Timer

When I purchased the Stalink Flitetech business from Larry Bagalini, it included

band burner timers from Dave Burley. I subsequently purchased a couple of timers

from Dave and shortly thereafter he ceased production. Since I used one of the timers

on my F1G Candy airplane, I was pleased with operation, but not the price.

I worked with one of my timer suppliers to produce a Better Bandburner Timer.

He made a prototype and we did some testing. The results were good and production began. The original design included a soldered on battery and a plywood mount

to secure the BBT to the airplane. An RDT version was made and an international

version without a battery. At this time we also developed a real nice single cell battery charger.

The latest version included the following upgrades: A low cost detachable battery, auto shut off if not started within two minutes, a board designed to mount the timer directly to the airplane, and the user can now replace the nichrome wire if necessary.

Since introduction, we have kept the price affordable at $49.00 for the standard model and $65.00 for RDT version. Both prices were substantially less than the Dave Burley product.

Product details:

Timer weight- 2.5 grams

Detachable battery- 1.5 grams

Programmable in five second and one minute intervals.

The battery will power the timer for a full day a flying, at least 12 cycles.

Mike Pykelny SLFT

Lost Hills Junior Building session

Following on from the summer Delta Dart session with the Lost Hills kids Jim Parker worked with the Community Organizer Claudia to set up an activity that coincided with the Fab Feb. So today we build CLGs with 2 groups of young people. the Younger group buld a 8 inch glider specially kitted for the occasion by Mike Mc Keever. Mike lead this build assisted by Brian Van Nest and Roger Morrell. The old group group built Stan Buddenbohm’s 12 inch Scout. This was led by Jim Parker and assisted by Ralph Ray and Norm Furutani. We got in some trimming flights and there will be special contest on Sunday fpor this group.

See photos in the Free Flight group on FB
Roger Morrell