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Table of Contents – SEN 2097

  1. Leave it alone
  2. Lost Hills Info
  3. Lost Hills dates
  4. Bumped !!
  5. FFQ jan 2016
  6. Vinyl Cutting

Leave it alone …

From: Ross Jahnke

I agree with Tom, leave F1Q alone for several rule cycles

Lost Hills Information

Frem: Walt Ghio

Lost Hills Information

The start of the contest season at Lost Hills is less that a month away. I would like to remind all the flyers that plan on attending the Fab Feb week of contest that we need to respect the new orchard that is south and west of our flying field. The owners have given us permission to ride your motorcycle into the orchard. When you inter the orchard, ride down the rows, which are defined by the plastic irrigation pipe. Please do not ride over the plastic pipe. If you went down the wrong row and your model is one or more rows away, park your motorcycle and walk to the model. If you have driven over the plastic pipe and I find out about it, you will be asked to leave the field. You will not be allowed to return for any more of the competition during the remainder of the week. This is a hard rule that I will enforce if we have any issues.

The trees are getting very tall also. If your model lands in a tree do not climb the tree to retrieve it. Again, the owners have given us permission to chase our models in the orchards. If we damage trees in retrieving our models they will take away the permission. The best way to remove a model is a long pole with a hook on a piece of string. Several of us have used our thermal streamer poles for the removal of the model and it works great.

Please be prepared to move if the drift sends the models into the orchard. The land to the north can be used for each of the contest and the flight line will be moved if needed.

I want to remind each of you who are planning on attending the Fab Feb contest that we require a Lost Hills membership to fly on the field. You have the option to join the association or you can pay a $10 fee, which covers two weeks of flying. We will start collecting the fees on Friday the 5th at 1:00pm. For each of the contest, we will have a separate table set up near the contest headquarters to take membership.

Thank you, Walt Ghio

Lost Hills Dates 2016

date contest events contest director
February 6th & 7th Isaacson Classic/Kiwi Worl AMA Events / FAI Norm
February 8th Kiwi F1E World Cup F1E Peter Brocks
February 10th North American World Cup FAI Tony Mathews
February 11th California World Cup F1E Brian Van Nest
February 12th -14th Bob White MaxMen World Cup FAI William Booth
March 12th & 13th SCAT Annual FAI Jim Parker
April 16th & 17th San Valeers AMA / Nostalgia / FAI Ted Hidinger
April 16th & 17th SCAMPS-SCIF Texaco OT & Nostalgia Daniel Heinrich
May 14th & 15th Dual-Club AMA / Nostalgia Don Bartick
May 28th & 29th Bissonnette Memorial FAI Walt Ghio
September 23rd - 25 US FF Championships AMA / Nostalgia / FAI ????
October 1st & 2nd Kotuku World Cup FAI Brian Van Nest
October 2nd - 4th Sierra World Cup FAI Mike McKeever
October 5th - 9th USA Team Finals FAI ????
October 29th & 30th SCAMPS-SCIF Fall Annual OT & Nostalgia Mike Myers
October 29th & 30th San Valeers Nostalgia Annu Nostalgia Terry Thorkildsen
November 12th & 13t Patterson FAI Brian Van Nest

Sometimes you get bumped

Sometimes you get automatically removed from the SEN mailing list. This is generally because you email provider tells SEN that you think SEN is spam. We know that as loyal SEN readers you think no such thing. And that it is a big surprise to you.
When this happens you will get a email message from the SEN mailing system. You can follow the link that is at the end of every SEN message and put your self back on.

Free Flight Quarterly for January 2016 has appeared. There is a wide variety of articles, with a detailed summary that can be viewed in our website:

The cover and table of contents are also available there

Sergio Montes

FAI National Identification Markings eg NZL 4589– 26mm high – black, red, white, yellow or blue – USD $3.50 per set. Ten sets for $32 for quality vinyl rated at 5yrs outside use.
Numbers for Model sequencing – 10mm high. Six sets of numbers 0 -9 colours as above, $6.
I can supply the National Identification Markings from masking film if you would rather airbrush the numbers on to reduce weight eg for F1B.
Also available – sets of circular patches for quick covering repairs of wing 20mm diameter and small circular silver mirror patches for tailplane hole repairs.
I’m happy to take any orders to Maxmen. Small orders can be posted airmail around the world for about $2.
Custom lettering or numbers also available Please ask
Contact Antony Koerbin

Roger Morrell