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SEN 2077

Table of Contents SEN 2077

  1. Eloy events
  2. Eurofly Correction
  3. Pylon Wanted
  4. F1C proposal Clarification
  5. Dukie – clarification or commentary

Eloy, Arizona – Dec. and Jan. contests
From: Peter Brocks

On December 5 and 6 the Arizona Free Flight Championships will be held in Eloy, Arizona. This is the last America’s Cup and National Cup contest West of the Mississippi for the year 2015. There are FAI, AMA, NFFS and SAM events. On the field in Eloy it will be cool in the morning but it should warm up to about 70 deg. during the day. The 2 fliers for this contest can be downloaded from the NFFS web site – click on the blue “Arizona Championships” in the Master Contest Calendar.

For information on the 3-day 2016 Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships on January 16, 17, 18 go to . Please use the Entry Forms (FAI and AMA) to pre-enter before Jan. 1, 2016. This will be the 66th SWR!

Eurofly Correction

From: Teppo

Sorry Aram, but in Eurofly the organized club is Icehockey-clup.

Pylon shell wanted
From: Dick Ivers

I’m searching for a composite pylon shell that will fit carbon wings with a root chord of 148 mm. The F1B shells I’ve looked at do not seem long enough for this F1J wing set. Any ideas?

Dick Ivers

F1C proposal clarification – answer to Stuart Darmon

From: Pieter de Boer

Stuart Darmon found a transition glitch. My fault!
The intention was;
Add sentences;
Distinguished are;
a) Models with variable geometry (changes of camber and/or geometry)
grade to A (the so called folders, flappers and folding flappers)
b) Fixed geometry models (fixed camber and fixed geometry) grade to B
(what we currently call ‘classic’ F1C models (i.e. models without flaps or
folding wings)

I want to clear up one more thing;
Measurements, observations and my calculation are referred to transition
A-models have an optimised geometry during start (minimum drag, maximum
speed), during glide it is optimised for maximum glide performance.
B-models are in both stages flying with a compromise (more drag, less speed
during start where the same section has less gliding performance)

Seen from the same transition height, the A-models (more camber, more wing
span) will out-glide the classic B-models.

Pieter de Boer.

Dukie’s words ?

From: Terry Kerger

What happened to Doug Galbreaths comments? Seem to be missing?

Terry Kerger |

Terry – Doug did not make comments, he only corrected the formatting so a person who got the plain text version of SEN could read it.

Roger Morrell