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SEN 2059

Table of Contents – SEN 2059

  1. Golf carts at Lost Hills
  2. E-36/F1S site update
  3. NFFS looking …
  4. In the Press

Golf Carts at Lost Hills
(opportunity to share delivery costs)
From: Roger Simpson

Golf Cart rentals for the October 10th and October 11th FAI contests at Lost

Contact Everett Pierce of ALL CARTS in Bakersfield to rent a cart.. 661

I have rented a cart to be delivered Friday afternoon October 9th, for three
days, to be picked up Monday afternoon October 12th. The more people that
rent carts, the less the cost for delivery/pickup for each person, i.e.,
that cost will be shared.

Roger Simpson

E-36/F1S site update

From: Derek McGuckin

Hi Roger, thank you for mentioning the E36/F1S webpage in SCAT News. I did add a comment submission form which is at the bottom of the home page. I’m always looking for information to include so if anybody has any they can email me at of use the comment form on the site itself. Fair warning though, I’m doing this in my spare time so it might take a few days to get the information online!


A Call for Volunteers

As we all know, the 2015 NFFS Symposium is out and for sale. Many thanks go to H. G. Frautschy who served as editor and produced another is a long series of excellent publications.

Planning is now underway for the 2016 edition. Sympo production is never a solitary effort, and many people are involved at all stages of production. But, it all starts with the editorship. The editor has the ultimate responsibility for the sympo, and with only a very few exceptions, all have served well. Upon reflection, it’s been a list of Free Flight luminaries and many lesser known. All with tell you it wasn’t an easy task, requiring much time and effort, but well worth the effort, providing a serious learning experience and professional satisfaction.

The NFFS Board of Director is now requesting volunteers for the 2016 editorship. We would like anyone who has considered the editorship to contact David Mills (davidmillsatl and 404-509-4209). We welcome all questions, and will provide any additional information. Many thanks in advance.

In the Press
Like it or not “drones”, whatever they are , are here to stay. Also like it or not some class of them is thought of by the public as some kind of model airplane and really is a model airplane. There appearance has overwhelmed many of the civil aviation authorities world wide. there have been a number of knee jerk reactions by politicians that have the potential to seriously affect our hobby/sport. The AMA in the USA has made a big effort to engage the authorities and take part in the political process to protect our interests and also to embrace these new hobbyists.

The AMA informs the members about these activities on a regular basis. Below is a link to an AMA press release that might be of interest to our readers world wide.

This Press release has a further link with more details, be sure to follow it.

Roger Morrell