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SEN 2058

Table of Contents – SEN 2058

  1. For sale – Fuzeev Thermistor
  2. F1C 4 Sec rule
  3. Westfac V
  4. Derek’s F1S site

For sale – Fuzeev chart recording thermistor.
Fuzeev chart recording thermistor.
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Many thanks

F1C 4 sec rule
From: Shayne McDonald

Hello Roger

At the risk of bring up an old thread of discussion and boring other non F1C fliers, it is an important discussion that needs to be had regarding a rule change that looks to have a detrimentally effect on participation in one area of Free Flight.

“Participation in Free flight”, irrespective of what category we all fly more modellers are always needed.

The reduction of engine run from five to four seconds has been meet with huge opposition , and after some feed back from an Australian WC team member the consensus towards 4 sec engine runs on the world stage is resoundingly negative , with the ultimate penalty of people retiring from this sport due to there current aircraft no longer being competitive under the new rule and the disheartening feeling of having there opinions disregarded by the governing body.

Please do not mistake me this isn’t just another open ended complaint , the CIAM committee most likely made this rule change in all good faith however sometimes we all swing and miss.

It is up to us as flyers to proffer up an alternative solution.

A sound suggestion that has been bantered around a bit is to retain 5 second runs for all rounds , then drop to 4 seconds for the fly offs. This would at least allow us more traditional styled model fliers the opportunity to make the fly offs and also potentially eliminate the long ten minute decision makers which in-turn also deals with the smaller flying site issues.

I myself am a returning modeller as is one of my good friends , we both have invested substantially in committing to F1C , these aircraft are expensive and budgets often dictate what we can afford to build and fly. All rules that are implemented should not disadvantage one form of aircraft to another (geared or direct drive)

Anyhow I hope some of this makes sense , as flyers if we disagree with something we need to speak up.

At the end of the day , a few of the most important things we as Free Flighters need to remember is to have fun and increased participation in our sport are essential perquisites.

Shayne McDonald


WESTFAC V will be on 600 acres of prime flat alfalfa in Buckeye Arizona .
It will begin on October 21st and go through October 24th. Over 29 different
rubber and power events including 7 mass launches. Trophies to 3rd place.
Check out the events on our web-site at _www.westernfac.com_
( Roger Willis

Derek’s E-36/F1S web site

In the 2057 issue of SEN there was a posting concerning a E-36/F1S web site by Derek McGuckin but the posting and web site have no information on how to contact him. Can you send me his E-mail address so I can contact him with a suggestion that the first thing he needs to add is how to contact him with information relevant to E-36/F1S.

Jim Bradley

Jim the email is

It is now on part of the site. Derek is still working on building the site

Roger Morrell