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SEN 2055

Table of Contents SEN 2055

  1. Upcoming FAI Meeting Dates …
  2. For sale F1 glider – Hines
  3. Two weeks in Mongolia
  4. Australian World Cup 2016 info
  5. 2016 World Cup Info

Upcoming FAI Meeting Dates have changed

The new dates for next FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) Plenary :

CIAM Plenary Meeting will take place on 8 and 9 April 2016 in Lausanne (SUI) at the Moevenpick Hotel.
CIAM Bureau will meet on 7 April 2016 in Lausanne (SUI) at Maison du Sport International.

More information and official invitation will be sent in due time to those who get that stuff

For SALE: F1 towline gliders
From: Lee Hines

Since I am past my towing career, the following BlackMagic-equipped F1 gliders are offered for sale:
1. Li’ AL F1A, won Nats & World Cup events. Yours for only $600
2. Koso F1H, SWR winner ($500)
3. M&K long F1A, Vasi built (boom needs reassy). A steal @ $450!

They will be with me Labor Day weekend @ MMM RMFF CHAMPS, as well as USFF CHAMPS.

My email:
Or call: 949-885-6346
Lee R Hines

Two weeks in Mongolia

From : Malcolm Campbell

The well known Australian F1A sportsman and photographer has prepared a photo essay that shows Mongolia as well as some of the flying. Excellent photos, Great for those who went or who did not go to Mongolia this summer.

Hi Roger
These might not fit into a SEN email but I thought at least you and Lindy would enjoy them.

Well I’ve finally got around to build up a set of photos that captures what we saw in Mongolia in July, apart from the flying competition.

We stayed in basic accommodation 50 km from Mongolia. The roads are either rough concrete or dirt / mud. Driving is an adventure, so we had our own full-time driver for two weeks. He even slept on the bus!

There are a few shots of the flying interspersed with our bus trips, and the photos are in chronological order. Hope you like them.

Narrandera Free Flight
Friday 08 April-Thursday 14 April 2016

Australian Free Flight Society Championships and
Dave Anderson Memorial World Cup Programs

Dave Anderson Memorial (World Cup Event)

Friday 08 April F1A# & F1C # (see note 4) 5 x 1 hour rounds 0800 – 1300

Saturday 09 April F1A & F1C Fly-offs from Friday 0700- 0730
F1B # (see note 4) 5 x 1 hour rounds 0800 – 1300

Sunday 10 April F1B Fly-off from Saturday 0700 – 0730

Reserve Weather Day/Practice/Rest Day for AFFS

Sunday 10 April Evening AFFS AGM 1930

AFFS Championships 2016 (World Cup Event)

Monday 11 April Combined % open 3 flights 0700 – 1200
F1G* (see note 3) 5 x 1 hour rounds* 0730 – 1200
F1H*(see note 3) 5 x 1 hour rounds* 0730 – 1200
F1J* (See note 3) 5 x 1 hour rounds* 0730 – 1200

Tuesday 12 April % Open Flyoff from Monday 0700- 0710

F1A # (see note 4 ) 5 x 1 hour rounds 0800 – 1300
F1C # (see note 4) 5 x 1 hour rounds 0800 – 1300
P30 3 flights, 120s max 0800- 1300
Open Rubber 3 flights 0800- 1300

Wednesday 13 April F1A, F1C,P30 Flyoff from Tuesday 0700- 0730
F1B # (see note 4) 5 x 1 hour rounds 0800 – 0100

Open Power 5 flights 0800 – 0100

Combined/HLG/CLG/TLG 0800 – 1200

Thursday 14 April Flyoffs from: Tuesday Open Rubber 0700- 0730

:Wednesday F1B & Open Power 0700 – 0730

Combined Vintage 3 flights 0730 – 1200
Oz Diesel 5 flights, 120s max 0730 – 1200

Scramble 0830 – 0930

Thursday 14 April Evening. Presentation Dinner for DAM & AFFS

Friday 15 April Moving Day to Nats at West Wyalong

General Notes/Comments:

1) Daylight Saving NSW finishes 03 April 2016.

2) Sunrise 07 April 2016 is at 0631 (Civil Twilight 0606)

3) *F1G/H/J First Round will be “High Time” and must be flown before 0800.

(6 min max first round only. NB time above 2 min max will only be used to resolve ties)

4) # F1A,F1B & F1C First round duration will be 4 minutes (Weather permitting)

CD to determine duration of round 5 (5 minute max weather permitting)

5) Open Rubber flyoff held over to Thursday morning to avoid flyoff conjestion Wednesday morning.

6) P30 morning flyoff retained due to class popularity and number of Juniors flying.

7) Combined Vintage first flight will be “High Time” & must be launched before 0800

(6 min max first round only.NB time above 3min max will only be used to resolve ties)

8) Oz Diesel first flight will be “High Time” & must be launched before 0800

(6 min max first round only. NB time above 2min max will only be used to resolve ties)

9) Generally earlier starts for flyoffs & non FAI events but latest finish is 1300 hrs !

10) Nats supposedly to start on 16 April 2016 (to be confirmed by NSWFFS).

FAI World Cup Info

Most World Cup organizers will have received this information but for those that did not

The FAI head office would like to draw your attention to the following important deadline:

Sporting Calendar registration form: (see Sporting Code sec. 4, Volume ABR – Para A9)

The form is available for downloading as a Word or PDF file on the FAI website at – Forms – CIAM Competition Registration Form wef August 2014

The registration of competitions for the 2016 FAI / CIAM Sporting Calendar must be made using the above mentioned form ONLY, and reach the FAI office by 15 November 2015.

Please use the address christine and/or the FAI fax: +41 21 345 10 77

The official stamp and signature of your NAC are compulsory.

The Sanction Fee must be paid prior to the 15 November deadline as well. Unpaid competition may not be accepted by the CIAM bureau. Payments by checks will not be accepted and we ask you to ensure that all bank / credit card charges are paid by the originator.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation

With best regards

Christine Rousson

Christine ROUSSON | Competitions Manager

Roger Morrell