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Table of Contents – SEN 2047

  1. Malcolm’s Mongolia Picture
  2. F1B model wanted
  3. Hidden from Mike ?
  4. Euro stuff again
  5. Winning trumps geography
  6. Thanks and Congratulations
  7. NFFS Sympos in UK and Europe

2015 World Champs photos from Mongolia

From: Malcolm Campbell

Hi Roger

Here is the link to my Flickr photos that cover all the competitions held in Mongolia. the photos include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Tuvshin’s Memorial Cup, the Mongolia Cup, the World Champs, Mixman, the mini Nadaam Festival and some sight seeing. I hope SEN followers enjoy them.


Malcolm Campbell

Wanted: F1B Models or Parts
From: Dick Ivers

I’m looking for one or more new or used F1B models to test the feasibilily
of conversion to electric power for F1Q competition. Just the basic
airframe and/or parts are needed. No front end neccessary… there will be a
small geared brushless motor there with its own prop. No timer required.. I
will use my own. Would like release lines in place for AR, VIT, and left WW
at least. Icarex covering preferred but not essential.
Please contact Dick Ivers at

Hidden from Mike ?
From: Michael Woodhouse

Link to Mongolian TV failed?

Michael Woodhouse

….. Mike you should have been nicer to that reporter on the field .. 🙂
Retrobution is getting you.

I believe the issue is probably network latency is causing the connection to time out. But here is the link again

Euro Stuff again …
From: Michael Achterberg

Thanks to Itsik.
Israel gets in Euro Champs cause Asian. This means that Mongolia and China can also fly in Euro Champs, as it should be.. With shrinking numbers the Euro Champs should be open to bring on par with World Champs.
It really should be by land connection anyway. The Artic connects Alaska to Russia and then connects to Canada and then to US.
Now, we can all meet once a year for the biggest model events of the year.
There is no real reason why the Euro Champs should be a step sister to the World Champs in importance.
Can anyone imagine what Golf biggest venue would be like if the British Open was closed off to the rest of the world? Be a little nothing tournament.
Well, for one would love to see it happen. Be awesome for aeromodeling and I know the Canadians are on board.. The Euro Champs is a great contest and it should be on the same level as, the World Champs.

Ps. Congratulations to all who won and competed in this years World Champs. And also to the Mongolian Aero Model club that hosted an awesome event for the aero modelers of the world….

Winning trumps geography

From: Daniel Rockberger

Hello Itzik and all,
I too noticed the remark and we had a long debate on it in our club on Friday.
Very interesting to hear the history.
But what is most important is that since you, we at last have a new world champion from Israel!!
All the best to all

Thanks and Congratulations
Thanks to the NFFS for electing me their Hall of Fame. It is a great honor to be elected at the same time as Victor Stamov, who needs no further explanation, Jim Bradley one of the stalwarts of FAI flying in the USA and Lew Gitlow, one of the truly great names of indoor flying. Congratulations to fellow SCAT club members Jim Parker and Ken Bauer who were elected at the same time. Full details are in the NFFS symposium, which you all no doubt have because you buy one every year.

Roger Morrell, SEN Editor

NFFS Sympo in the UK and Europe
From: Ian Kaynes

In addition to your note about NFFS Symposium Reports from NFFS, could you
note that Free Flight News has a stock of copies as an alternative to mail
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Roger Morrell